The “V” word…

We rarely hear it anymore. It’s rarely mentioned in sermons. Not really mentioned in Bible classes or devotionals to young people. 

Parents have a hard time using this word.

It can embarrass those who do say it! 

We hear more about Viagra than we do this “V” word.

You might have been a little nervous clicking on this link. 

In a world that pushes SEX, this word can slow down a conversation! 


Basketball player A.C. Green was made fun of for being a virgin while playing for the Lakers. 

I can’t remember during my childhood this word being uttered much. 

Dad wasn’t around so I never had the sex talk. My mom did the best she could talking to me about abstaining from sex and remaining a virgin until I got married! 

I do remember mom often saying, “Keep your pants up and be sure those girls keep their skirts down.” That stuck! Or at least it did for a while. 

I wasn’t a virgin when I met Nikki and when we got married, but I wish I was. 

In 2017, parents should teach their children that they should be virgins when they get married. They should save their virginity for their spouse! 

The sexual relationship is meant for marriage. It’s for husband and wife! That’s what the Bible teaches. 

Yeah That’s Right!!

We are to abstain from sexual immorality, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8. 

It really is the best way. 

We can’t handle sex outside of marriage. Oh sure, our bodies may be mature, but we don’t fully understand the power of it. 

That’s why it’s reserved for marriage! 

It’s a beautiful thing in marriage. I’m shocked to talk to high school students to learn how little their parents have talked about sex with them. 

It’s 2017…

Porn is on tap…One click away on the phone. 

Sexting is more popular than ever…Many church going kids are involved in this. Do not be decieved! 

So many shows on television are pretty close to  being described as porn…

And we can’t talk about what the Bible says about the sexual relationship? What??? Does that make any sense. Have parents lost their minds? We should let our children know how great the sexual relationship is in marriage.The Bible says plenty about it (See Proverbs and Song of Solomon).

I wasn’t a virgin when I got married. I wish I was. I will have to address that with Joshua when he gets older. Lord willing we will have the talk. I’m sure he will ask me, “Dad, were you a virgin when you got married?” I will have to be honest with him. 

“No son, I was not…” But I wish I was! 

Both people being a virgin on their  wedding night is a beautiful thing. 

There’s no baggage that’s brought into the marriage. There’s no comparisons being made. That’s exactly how God designed it. 

Adam and Eve were both virgins. They were able to figure things out fine. So can we. Don’t believe the lies of the devil. 

Giving your virginity to your spouse is such a wonderful gift to give!

 People focus so much about all of the gifts people will bring them on their wedding day. What gift will you bring to your future spouse? Bring them the gift no one else can give them. 

Be holy because God is holy, 1 Peter 1:13-15. Abstain from sexual immorality. 

Teach your children to abstain! 

Gods way is always the best way! 

You don’t have to wish to be a virgin when you get married. Make a choice to be a virgin right now! 

Are you engaged? Wait until marriage. Don’t believe the lie that since you’re  engaged it’s okay for you two to have sex. 

Are you dating? Set boundaries early! 

No illegal use of hands…Throw the flag that says “Stop” when that happens.

No offsides…Throw the flag that says “we are too close…make room for Jesus.” Don’t be all hugged up like a married couple. Cmon now! 

I wish I was a virgin when I got married.

Make the decision to be one! Don’t be ashamed of that word and what it means.