Hurricane Harvey Has Stirred Up More Than Just Water

I will never forget Hurricane Harvey. Will you? There are certain moments in our lives that we should never forget.  There are certain moments that should change us for the better. They should pierce our souls! They should create a stirring up in our hearts.  I will never forget… 1. Winning the 8th grade maleContinue reading “Hurricane Harvey Has Stirred Up More Than Just Water”

Hurricane Harvey Has Created A Lot Of Beggars!!!

We will be talking about Hurricane Harvey for a long time to come.  Here in Beaumont, we are in the process of cleaning up. Homes that have been destroyed will have to be rebuilt.  The last two weeks I have seen something amazing. I’m not talking about the wind or rains from Harvey, although itContinue reading “Hurricane Harvey Has Created A Lot Of Beggars!!!”

Hurricane Harvey And Matthew 6:25-34

Yesterday was a great day! If you’re breathing, everyday is a great day. I was able to worship with the saints in Mauriceville Texas. They have been affected by the flood.  I went there with another brother in Christ to help a family whose house had been flooded. During worship one of the brothers readContinue reading “Hurricane Harvey And Matthew 6:25-34”

Every Transformation Has To Have A Test

My birthday was earlier this week. I had an unexpected visitor. His name?  Hurricane Harvey! He’s like that family member that just doesn’t seem to leave.  Please go!  Sadly, he will be felt for a long time. People around the country are feeling the affects of this hurricane. It’s nuts!  I have many emotions runningContinue reading “Every Transformation Has To Have A Test”