As you’re pushing yourself at the gym… As sweat drips from your face… As doubts begin to creep in… Dig down deep… Remember the naysayers… Remember how far you’ve come… Remember what you’ve overcome… And Flex! Go stand in front of that mirror and scream! Go. Get.It.

Getting To Know Jesus Post #8: Salvation, Commitment, Church

We are wrapping our study called “Getting To Know Jesus.” If you have any Bible questions, please let me know. Here is the post from yesterday, which has a download of the entire workbook and previous posts. Click HERE. Today’s post will discuss salvation in Christ, the church, and commitment being a disciple of Jesus. JesusContinue reading “Getting To Know Jesus Post #8: Salvation, Commitment, Church”

Getting To Know Jesus Post 7 “The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus.”

We are almost done with our study of Getting To Know Jesus. I began posting a series of lessons a few weeks ago. Click HERE to review my previous posts. If you would like to download my workbook click the link below. Getting To Know Jesus Todays post focuses on the Death, Burial, and Resurrection ofContinue reading “Getting To Know Jesus Post 7 “The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus.””

New Podcast Recommendation: Devotional Doctors

I began listening to Podcasts probably about three years ago. If you’re looking to grow in knowledge, improve in some area of your life, or are interested in new products, podcasts are a great place to begin. You can decide who and what topics you want to listen to. Periodically, I will provide a recommendationContinue reading “New Podcast Recommendation: Devotional Doctors”

The SomeDay Workout Routine

I recently read an article on Linkedin that intrigued me. If you’re interested you can read it HERE. This article focused on Planet Fitness. I used to have a membership at Planet Fitness. I won’t go into all of the details, but it took a LOOONG time to cancel my membership. They make it extremely difficultContinue reading “The SomeDay Workout Routine”