Get Up Early And Do This!

There are so many morning routines out there! Many of them are good. Some of them are not always easy to follow. Do you have a morning routine? Does it include Exercise? That’s Great! Does it include Meditation? Great! Does it include journaling? Fantastic! But I want to give you one Bible passage to thinkContinue reading “Get Up Early And Do This!”

New Podcast Available: Dad’s Are We In The Picture?

I’m really enjoying creating a new podcast. It is called “I CAN DO.” It’s all about growing in areas of Faith, Family, Fitness, and Food. Here is the link to where you can find my current Podcasts. I’m waiting for iTunes approval. You can check them out HERE I hope you enjoy them. Please take aContinue reading “New Podcast Available: Dad’s Are We In The Picture?”

I CAN DO Podcast Is Available Now

I’ve been looking at a microphone I bought last year just sitting in a closest. One day I would begin a Podcast. But the excuses kicked in… Will I have enough time? Will anyone listen? What about…. ENOUGH… No more excuses. Life is short. Therefore, I’ve begun my new podcast. It’s called “I CAN DO.”Continue reading “I CAN DO Podcast Is Available Now”

How Will It Make You Feel In The Morning?

Tis the season… For cookies… For pies… For every reason under the sun to EAT, EAT, EAT… Especially at NIGHT. I’m like a Gremlin. When it gets late, I tend to want to eat even more. Are you the same? Here’s a simple question to ask yourself when those moments hit. “How will this makeContinue reading “How Will It Make You Feel In The Morning?”