YouTube Channel Is Up: Tons Of Videos

Hello everyone! I finally was able to figure out (with the help of a friend) to get my current sermons and Bible class videos to my YouTube Channel! There is still plenty more to come, but there’s a lot. Take a listen and watch sermons when you get a chance. There’s a special series called,Continue reading “YouTube Channel Is Up: Tons Of Videos”

I’m Too Strong To Have An Anxiety Attack

Do I have another blood clot in my heart? That’s what it felt like as I quickly threw groceries into my cart at Wal-Mart. I was already frustrated. The day hadn’t gone as planned. It was after 7p.m., on a Saturday evening, and there I was shopping. I was supposed to be resting and preparingContinue reading “I’m Too Strong To Have An Anxiety Attack”

New Podcast! Episode #18 Book Recommendation- Willpower Doesn’t Work

Check out my latest podcast! I love to read and I’m sure you do as well. A friend of mine last year recommended me this book. Now, I want to recommend it to you. It’s called “Willpower doesn’t work” by Benjamin Lee. Let me know what you think and if you read it. Thanks forContinue reading “New Podcast! Episode #18 Book Recommendation- Willpower Doesn’t Work”