Look For The Opportunities

Even in the midst of troubling times, there are opportunities. We just have to look for them. What opportunities have you had this past week? I’ve had a lot of opportunities with respect to “Coaching.” I’ve taken a few coaching sessions from a friend of mine. She has helped me tremendously with a few things.Continue reading “Look For The Opportunities”


Sitting at the kitchen table last night after arriving home from Bible class, my wife said something to me that’s prompted this blog post. I was furiously typing away on my iMac about the year of cancellation (you can find that post HERE. My son began to get anxious as we discussed what’s going on withContinue reading “A YEAR OF REFLECTION”

The Year Of Cancellation

That’s what I’ve been referring to this year too. Let me explain. At the end of January, I was scheduled to travel to SouthEast Texas. Then my wife got bronchitis. Then I got Flu-A. Plans canceled. A week before all of that happened my plans to visit Tampa Florida were canceled for February. I wasContinue reading “The Year Of Cancellation”

I’m Too Strong To Have An Anxiety Attack

Do I have another blood clot in my heart? That’s what it felt like as I quickly threw groceries into my cart at Wal-Mart. I was already frustrated. The day hadn’t gone as planned. It was after 7p.m., on a Saturday evening, and there I was shopping. I was supposed to be resting and preparingContinue reading “I’m Too Strong To Have An Anxiety Attack”


Last year I began a Facebook challenge. It was really hard. The challenge? Go 21 days without complaining. If you get to day 10 or day 15 and you complain, you have to go back to Day 1. I finished the challenge. It took me ONE YEAR! WOW. Talk about an eye-opener. It was aContinue reading “5 THINGS TO DO INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING”

The Joy Of Doing Nothing!

Go, Go, Go… Move, Move, Move…. Hustle, Hustle, Hustle… The month of December is SUPER-FAST and SUPER-BUSY. But I would like to make a recommendation. Take some time to DO… NOTHING! Relax. Take a bath. Baths are becoming my new hobby. They are amazing. Find some time, no wait, make some time to do nothing!Continue reading “The Joy Of Doing Nothing!”