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If you’re looking for a life coach that will challenge you to challenge yourself, then Benjamin Lee is the coach for you. On Father’s Day this year we had an impromptu coaching session about a part time job I recently decided to take because I wanted to reach a financial goal.

During our discussion, Benjamin asked me seemingly simple questions…what type of job was it, what would I be doing, how much time would I spend weekly doing it. As I answered I noticed I was defending a role where I could perform the tasks, but it was a role I knew I would not be happy with in the long run. I did not dare tell him what I was being paid because it was so low and I already knew how he would respond.

Through our conversation I recognized I was settling. Settling in general has been a struggle for me, and though I could pinpoint when I was settling in relationships, I did not realize I was doing that when it came to work and what I can really offer others or get paid for the time and talents that I can bring to an organization.

Within a few days after my discussion with Benjamin, I put together a proposal for an onboarding program, with a fee that was reflective of my time, talent and the program I was offering, and wrote a proposal letter. I simultaneously resigned from the position I was hired for, and though I did not hear back about my proposal, our discussion helped me work through my own motivations for being willing to settle and better evaluate the decisions I make for my financial future.

I am grateful for my conversation with Benjamin and amazed that after about 20 minutes new ideas began to emerge within me that I acted on just a few days later. I am grateful for what this mini coaching session did for me because it helped to shift my thinking and the actions that followed.

Tanya DePeiza, LCSW

Prior to my podcast launch, I had the great opportunity to receive coaching from Benjamin. Since Benjamin is himself a podcaster, his coaching was just what I needed to get started. He was patient with me, yet firm when a nudge was necessary. Benjamin shared important tips that made me reach outside my comfort zone with talking to my audience. Twenty-one episodes in and I am a more confident speaker than I was before his coaching. Benjamin gets my top recommendation!

Nikki Lee, Co-host of The Nikki and Julie Podcast

Many decide to get a coach because they feel they have failed for not figuring things out for themselves. I learned from Ben that coaching is a luxury that shortens the time it takes for you to get to the higher level of your true self. Ben is amazing, kind, open, nonjudgemental, and has a natural but well-trained instinct for this profession and mindful life experience. Thank you, Ben!

Lynn McKinley -Grant M.D.

Benjamin Lee is a tremendous human being and someone I am fortunate to call a friend, brother, coach and mentor. The key to my success in life is founded on my faith in Jesus Christ and His blessings which is amplified and realized through the incredible individuals I surround myself with. Benjamin is one of those incredible individuals. His humility and compassion coupled with remarkable energy and enthusiasm make me a better person…a better husband, father, brother, friend and citizen. Benjamin doesn’t just learn how to make himself and others better…he practices it and helps others implement a frame of mind along with the appropriate tools to truly realize a more inspired and complete self. That is the essence of his “I Can Do” attitude, philosophy and life lived! I “hold the line” because I have men and women like Benjamin at my left and at my right as we fight the battles of life together. I have certainly achieved more in my spiritual life, personal relationships, and professional work because of Benjamin’s influence. Benjamin has not only coached and mentored me but also my young son and friends and I highly recommend allowing Benjamin a leadership role in your life.

Shane Blackmer, AV Accelerator

Benjamin Lee has been such a BLESSING to our B.L.A.S.T. Mentorship Program for aspiring writers and speakers! His videos have been a tremendous encouragement, consistently providing insight and inspiration!

Shannon Ethridge, M.A.,, Life & Relationship Coach, International Speaker & Million-copy Best-Selling Author

As an experienced certified coach, I have had the unique opportunity to work with many coaches and I can unequivocally say Benjamin Lee is one of the very best in this field. I am thoroughly impressed with Benjamin. His ability to listen deeply and intuitively motivate shows how passionate he is to help others live their best life and accomplish their dreams. Benjamin has a vast amount of knowledge and experience that allows him to navigate difficult situations with his clients and help them to quickly get on a path toward reaching their goals. As an avid reader and seeker of knowledge, Benjamin’s excitement and passion for life is contagious. If you are looking to make change, get unstuck, pursue your dreams, reach your goals, and have a comprehensively better life, look no further than Benjamin Lee. I enthusiastically give him my highest recommendation.

Christine Yankel CTACC

Ben is an excellent coach.  He has definitely helped me move the boat forward.  I am on the right track with a lot of things in my life right now, and Ben was able to help validate and reinforce those things.  I’d recommend Ben for life coaching to anybody who needs a gentle nudge to get up and keep moving forward.

 -Preston Frazier,

This past year, I had a speech to give. I honestly didn’t know where to begin, as far as knowing what I wanted to talk about, putting my thoughts on paper, and logically structuring the speech so that it was clear and memorable for the audience. One thing was for sure, it was getting closer to the day of the speech. I reached out to Ben, who was a savior for me. He brought his wisdom and insight to the table, helped me formulate ideas, and assured me that the speech would go well – certainly it did. I took his advice, started writing (once I knew which direction I wanted to go with the speech), my thoughts were flowing, and I gave the speech. I believe it went well. I achieved my goal. The speech was clear and memorable. If it wasn’t for Ben, I would have been overwhelmed and unable to deliver the way I wanted.

Donald Jackson

Benjamin Lee is an incredible coach, and his “I Can Do” attitude exudes from every pore. One of the biggest things I learned from his coaching is the importance of the story I tell myself. Here is the story I’ve told myself.

I have asthma. I have allergies. I’ve been in the hospital ER several times because of allergies and asthma. I had had lead poisoning/mold poisoning. My lungs just had too much damage. I’ve been a pretty sick puppy. One doctor told me it was a miracle I was still alive. My knees are bad (my mom and most of her siblings had at least partial knee replacements) – I have had some serious problems with knees since I was a teenager. So, I didn’t run. Told myself I couldn’t. I’m not pushing like I should. Defeated before I started. Over these past few months I purposefully decided to tell myself a different story. A big part of that mental switch flowed out of my coaching sessions with Benjamin Lee. My brain woke up because I thought about how I argued with my mom for over 20 years telling her to stop telling herself she would get Alzheimer’s. But I was telling myself a story just as harmful.

One of my conversations with Benjamin on the phone, I said, “I am worth this.” And it stuck. I don’t want the rest of my life to be a message of limitation and “I can’t.” Enough of that. I’m worth this. This is not to discount the many others who were a huge encouragement to me, including my wife and kids and close friends. But Benjamin just hit me where it counts, and really helped me see the value of telling myself a positive I Can Do You Can Too story. I ran 2/5 miles today. If you know me, you’d know how huge that is. Something I previously told myself was impossible, I did today. Two months ago, I started exercising, adding a little bit every time. I started walking, then walking and jogging for a bit. I did aerobic exercises in the house. Built up to where I jogged 1/2 mile without stopping. Then 1 mile. Then 1/5 miles. Now, today I ran 2.5 miles. Thank you, Benjamin, for being such a great coach and motivator!

Aaron Kemple
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