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I Can Do Cohort #1: November 1st-December 22

I’m so excited to be sharing with you my first I Can Do Cohort. For over a decade, I’ve been a part of some kind of coaching or Cohort group. I know the benefits of having a goal, a singular focus, and a team to help you accomplish what you want. I also know the power of personal coaching. 

Now I’m ready to start my own training group.

Below are some details. 

1. Start Date: Monday, November 1st. It will conclude on December 22nd. 

2. It will last for 52 days.  Why 52 days? Because in this cohort we will be going through the story of Nehemiah in the Old Testament. Nehemiah and the people rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem in 52 days. A lot can be done in 52 days, but it will take focus. 

3. Nehemiah and the people knew what needed to be built. Each of us will have to look inside ourselves to see what needs to be built in our lives. Better health? Better discipline with our finances? Stronger faith? You get to decide what you’re going to build in the next 52 days. Ultimately, we want God to be glorified in whatever we’re pursuing. 

What you will receive for signing up!

1. A team! Everyone who signs up becomes the team. Having others being a part of the journey makes all the difference. 

2. Daily thoughts from me in the group to encourage and help keep you on track. 

3. A weekly Zoom session with me and the team on Sunday evenings to start the week off strong. I will share some new thoughts with the team each week. We will also discuss what’s working well, challenges, etc.

4. Free PDF’s from me (31-day motivational journal, Life Beyond the Scale Book, and other coaching resources). 

The Cost

$1 per day! That’s hard to beat. The total is $52 for a team to cheer you on, weekly check ins, and the opportunity to build something in your life where God will be glorified. 


1. Where will we meet as a team? We will be using the Mighty Networks for this Cohort and future Cohorts.

2. Will I need to set up an account with Mighty Networks? Yes. It’s simple, free, and will be less distracting compared to Facebook. When you pay you will automatically be sent to the group and you can finish up setup from there.

3. How can I pay? If you are ready to become a part of the group, I will send you a link for payment. It’s simple and easy. 

4. Can I get a refund if something changes in the middle of the Cohort? At this time, no. 

5. What if I have a hard time setting my goal? I will provide tips and strategies on how to set good goals. You will learn why some goals fail, and how you can set yourself up for success.

6. Do I have to have a fitness or financial goal? NO! You get to decide what you’re going to build in the next 52 days. Maybe it’s better reading habits, sleeping habits, etc. 

7. Will we be talking about the Bible in this group? Yes! We will be learning from the scriptures, specifically the book of Nehemiah. 

8. When does the enrollment period end for this Cohort? It will end Friday, October 29th at midnight (CST)! This allows everyone to have a few days to pray, consider, and to plan what it is they are going to build.

9. Won’t this be challenging since we’re starting in the middle of the holidays? There are a lot of excuses we can all make. The time to build is right now! Waiting two months until January will not make it any easier with what you want and need to build in your life. 

10. How do I proceed if I’m ready to begin? Simply reply to this email and I will send you your payment link! If you know someone else who is interested, they can email me at

I Can Do…So Can You! 

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