Great Anticipation

Do you have great anticipation before your workout begins? 

Are you excited about it? 

Do you visualize that strength and stamina you will gain as a result of your workout? 

Do you think about proving to yourself how strong you really are? 

Do you look forward to that 25-30 minutes at the gym? 

You should! There are so many who would love to have a gym membership! There are so many who would love to sweat, to breathe heavy as the sprint on the treadmill! 

Your mindset regarding your exercise routine is so important! Look forward to that time of strengthing your mind and body. . Enjoy it and push to get even more. 

Yeah, I’m talking to you…Get up! 


The Brown Suit Challenge

It’s March and the year is moving quickly. Many have fallen by the wayside with respect to their New Years resolutions. 

What about you? Somehow we have to find different ways to push our ways. 

Back in November and December I created the Brown Suit challenge! 

Earlier in the year I could fit into my brown suit. I was fat and out of shape. But I dropped 20 pounds and added muscle. Eventually, I got back into it! Yes! 

But that’s only half the challenge. The other half is to stay in it. I decided to wear it fromThanskiving to January 1st for every Bible class and every time I preached. It worked. I ended up losing another 6 pounds during the holidays! 

It was another way for me to motivate myself. It gave me accountability. It pushed me. I told the entire church what I was going to do. I couldn’t fail. I gave myself a goal and kept it. 

How might you be able to motivate Yourself? Find a way and do it! 

Yeah, I’m talking to you! Get up! 

Someday is Today

“I will work out starting on…”

You fill in the blank. I will start working out on 


When work slows down…

After vacation…

Blah, blah, blah

The worst is “Someday I will start working out.” But my friends “Someday is today.” I think I heard this somewhere. I love this! Someday is right now! 

No more excuses! Push yourself. Quit finding ways of getting out of what you should be doing. Do it right now! 

Let’s go! 

Focus on the gains 

It’s easy to focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have. 

It’s easy to focus on what you can’t have instead of what you will have when it comes to exercise. We complain about not being able to enjoy certain foods, exercise, lack of time, blah, blah, blah…

But then we complain about not being healthy. Our clothes are tight. We have Dunlaps disease (our stomachs have done lapped over our belts), and we have no energy. Cmon!!!

When it comes to transforming our health it’s easy to focus on what we can’t eat most of the time,  instead of focusing on what we will gain when we eat healthy. 

But if we want what we really want…




Feeling good in our clothes

Then it will require some sacrifice. We must focus on what we will gain as we leave certain things behind (most of the time).

Yeah, I’m talking to YOU! And ME! 

 Get up!

The mountain top is close! It’s up to us how hard we are willing to sacrifice to get to the top. Are you ready? Let’s go! It will be June before you know it. Then it will be December! Will you be in the same place? Right now! Now is the time! Let’s go.  

You gotta love it 

When it comes to exercise you gotta love it! So many despise the thought of moving and getting physically fit! 

Yet exercise will provide you with great joy. You will…

1. Be able to enjoy greater energy. 

2. You will be able to focus better. 

3. You will feel better. 

4. You will look better. 

5. You will probably save money too! Being healthy is a lost less expensive than being sick all of the time. 

Yeah, I’m talking to you…Get up! Enjoy some exercise. Go for a walk, bike ride, if you want to look silly skip down the street (haven’t done that in a long time). Get moving! Your body will thank you. 

It’s Time For Action

It’s time for action! It’s time for change. It’s time to get moving. It’s March 2nd and the year is moving quickly. Do you remember your resolutions you made on January 1st? Have you kept any of them?

Most people don’t even remember the resolutions they made a few months ago. They are hard to keep because they are often vague, lack a deadline, without a strong why behind them.

I’m hoping that from this day forward you will take action! It’s time to change. Did you make a commitment to get into better shape? If so, where are you? It’s never too late to start moving. But it will require that you take that first step!

Yeah, I’m talking to you…Get Up!