Color Your Way Through Chemo:For Kids

My copy of my newest coloring book arrived! What a feeling to open it up. It looks great. 

August 2, 2016, I had no idea that one year later I would have three coloring books. 

But we never know what life holds. What I do know is that we have to go and take action. When you have an idea, why not go after it? 

If it doesn’t work out you can at least say that you gave it a shot. But what if it does work out? What if your idea changes someone’s life forever! What a great feeling that will be to know that you changed someone’s life for the better. 

But you will never know unless you give it a shot. Right? 

That’s why you have to at least try. So that’s what I will continue to do. Will you join me? Join me with launching out into the deep. 

Join me with at least taking a risk. 

Join me in a journey of getting a lot of “No’s” so you can get that big “Yes!”

Let’s do this! 

It all begins by taking that first step. That first step of action. 

Will you take that first step? 

Ready, Set,Go! 


Take The Training Wheels Off

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with my five year of son. 

ME: Son, it’s about time to take the training wheels off your bike right? 

Son: No, it’s not time. I will fall if I do. 

ME: Yeah, but you have fallen with the training wheels. Life is about challenges. 

Son: I’m never going to take the training wheels off. I don’t want to fall. 

ME: You will fall, but you can’t let that stop you….


Okay, that last statement from my son is a little bit of a stretch. But that’s essentially how he responded. 

It was an interesting conversation. I think a lot of people have that conversation with themselves everyday. 

Do You?

It’s time to take the training wheels off.

It’s time to take that next step. You can’t let fear hold you back. You can’t let doubt cause you to second guess yourself. It’s time to take that next step. We see people doing this all the time if we look carefully. 

We see a boy band have great success together. But eventually, there’s one boy that finally sees that he needs to take the next step. He could stay in the band and achieve great success. But what if he had the courage to release his own album? 

That’s what Justin Timberlake did. 

The same happens with the ladies too. 

That’s what Beyoncé did. 

The list could go on and on. 

Not everything they did has been successful. They fell off their bike quite a few times. But they had to take the training wheels off. 

It’s time to take the next step. It’s time to take the training wheels off. 

We see it in politics. Someone starts off in a position. They do a great job. They get re-elected. They get results with what they do. But eventually, they take the next step. That itch hits! It’s time for them to take the training wheels off. That’s what President Barack Obama did. That’s what President George W. Bush did. They took the next step. They fell a lot, but they still did it. 

That’s what legendary quarterback Steve Young did. He was the back up to another hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana. But eventually it was time for Steve Young to take the training wheels off!!  He fell a lot. He also scored a lot of touchdowns. 

There’s no time to have fear about falling. It’s a given that you will fall. No mistake about it. 

It’s time to take the training wheels off. 

We see it in the Bible. The great leader named JOSHUA, had learned under the great Moses! But God would tell JOSHUA that it was time for him to take the training wheels off. Moses had gone as far as he could. JOSHUA was up!!! He was to be bold and courageous!

It was time for the apostles to take the training wheels off! They trained with Jesus. But it was time for Jesus to leave and return to heaven. They would have to carry on and do the work of God! They would fall. But they couldn’t let fear stop them. 

It’s time for us to take the training wheels off! 

What might that look like for you? 

What’s holding you back?  Is that 5 year old in you screaming inside of you, “NNNNNEEEVVVVEEERRRR.” If so, you need to comfort that 5 year old and let them know that everything is going to be okay. 

Lead them by the hand and tell them, “It’s Time to take the training wheels off.”

It’s time to take that next step. 

It’s time to put your feet in the chilly Jordan River. Watch what happens when you do. 

It’s time to lead with boldness and courage. 

It’s time to speak up even if opposition stands in your way.

It’s time to climb and claw to the top. 

Don’t worry about falling. You will!!! Rather, recognize it, realize it, and respond to it the right way!!! 

Get up!!! And keep riding. 

Cmon now. 

Cmon with the cmon!!!

It’s time to take the training wheels off. 

Focus On What You Are Eating…

Want to get in better shape? 

Is there a certain date that’s coming up where you want to be able to fit into a certain pair of jeans or a certain dress? 

One thing you can do to ensure that you get the results that you want is to plan what you will eat. Plan what you will eat and when you will eat. 

So for the seven days plan out your meals. Write out what you are going to eat each day. It will take a little bit of time and planning, but it will be worth it. Write out when you are going to eat those meals. As you eat those meals, enjoy what you are eating. Try to sit down and really taste the food you are consuming. 

You have to plan. We have to plan our meals. The benefits of doing this are great. 

1. It takes the guess work out of eating.

2. It makes it easier to say “NO” to certain foods. 

3. It will cut down on your grocery bill. You will actually be buying foods for your meals. 

4. You will influence someone in your family, church, or at work about what it looks like to eat healthy. 

5. You will get results. 

The Well Wasn’t Dry…Just Had Low Water Pressure! 

A few days ago I wrote about my well being dry! I was having a hard time getting my thoughts out. I had mentioned to my friend that I thought that my well had run dry. 

I got some great thoughts on Facebook from those who read it! Thanks everyone. 

Turns out that my well had not run dry. I think I had some low water pressure, lol. 

A funny thing happened. As I was writing this blog I got an idea for my sermon for this weekend. Do you know what I’m preaching this Sunday? “When the well runs dry.” Yes! You can listen to it at 

That sermon flowed. I’m not going to be talking about writing or blogging in it. But rather from a spiritual perspective. Sometimes in our spiritual walk we can hit some droughts. We will always need to make sure that we are connected to our source of living water. 

I got some great ideas from others about what to do when your well runs dry (specifically with  respect to writing sermons, etc). These are thoughts from some of those comments. They are great for preachers. I think they can help others also. 

1. Take a sabbatical from preaching and teaching (40 days)

2. Exercise

3. Use sketch books and sharpies to create new ideas. 

4. Mow the lawn

5. Listen to other sermons

6. Use writing prompts to get the juices flowing again

7. Don’t look for the super profound sermon. We may need to get out of our own way. 

8. Sunday is coming no matter how dry we may feel. It may require us asking God to forgive us for focusing too much on self. 

9. Recognize that we all have limitations 

10. The well may not be dry. Rather, the plumbing may be clogged. There could be something on your mind that hasn’t been addressed, that could be holding you back from generating new ideas.

Thanks everyone! All of this is great and made me think. 

I texted one of my friends and told him that the sermon was complete on Wednesday. He then said, “The well wasn’t dry…the water pressure was just low.”

Color Your Way Through Chemo:For Kids

The journey continues with my series of coloring books. 

Let’s motivate and encourage others. Life is not merely about ourselves. 

It’s hard enough for an adult to have to go through chemotherapy. I can only imagine how tough it must be for kids to have to go through chemo. Yet sadly so many do. 

This coloring is designed for them. As many of you all know, I love my ABC’s. This coloring book like my other two will go from A-Z! 

Each letter has an animal to color. There are some motivational phrases also with some of the letters. 

Let’s help motivate someone in need. 

It’s more blessed to give than to receive. 

Will you share this post? You never know who you might touch? 

God Bless…

When The Well Runs Dry…

That moment has come…

For months now thoughts have flowed from my mind. I have felt like I’ve been in a state of FLOW for a long time.

Then yesterday, I uttered these words to a friend of mine, “My well has run dry.”

When it comes to writing sermons, blogs, and workbook material, it all seems to flow out naturally. But now I feel like my well has run dry. 

With respect to sermon writing my friend asked me if I’ve been reading my Bible frequently. It’s often the case that a lack of reading can cause that. But I have been reading regularly. 

I just finished the book of Ezekiel. 

I’ve read Colossians numerous times preparing for a meeting.

I’ve been doing my chronological Bilbe reading daily (just wrapped up Isaiah). 

I’m also reading a psalm daily. 

My friend then asked if I’ve been reading other books. I have, but these books have been more to prepare for classes. 

Thoughts…ideas…come back to me…where are you?

I went fishing last week at the beach. I was hoping I would get some juices flowing with respect to thoughts there. Nope! 

I actually do have some sermons prepared, but they are for upcoming meetings later in the year. I have sermon sketches of different ideas that I have stock piled, but none seem to be sticking. 

So what do you do when the well runs dry? I will keep reading. I will keep exercising. Typically, I get a lot of clarity when I exercise. I will continue to get sleep. 

Eventually, the well will be full again! 

Thoughts…ideas…come back to me write now please. 

Enough Reading…It’s Time To Act

It’s time to close the books. It’s time for action. It’s time to take that first step. 

It’s time to execute. I love books. I love learning new things. If you have any book recommendations for me let me know in the  comments section. 

Something I’ve learned is that eventually you have to take action. You have to put what you’ve learned into movement. When I worked with Pfizer as a sales representative we went through intensive training. But eventually, we had to go out into the real world. It didn’t matter if we were nervous. If we wanted that paycheck, that’s what we had to do. If we wanted to win trips, we had to act! Sales weren’t going to happen by themselves. 

The same is true with everything else. It’s time to take action. You can learn about a new diet. You can spend weeks researching it, contemplating it, and then making a decision. But then you will have to ACT! Close the book and GO! 

That’s the only way you will get results. 


When I was in a preacher training program I learned a lot. But eventually, I had to ACT. I had to put into practice what I learned. 

Go ahead and take that next step. But it is often that next step that’s never taken. 

People go back and forth about starting a blog…They learn, read, ask, consider, but then….


Cmon now! Do something will ya. 

Enough reading…It’s time for action. 

You don’t need to read 30 books about becoming organized. You may just need to take a day off to get your house or office in order. 

Enough Reading…It’s Time To Act.

You can read for two months about the health benefits of exercise. But what good does it do if you don’t ACT? 

Duh 🙄 

Even with the Scriptures people can read and read and read but never arrive, because they fail to put into action what they’ve read! 

Jesus wants us to be doers and hearers of His word. Don’t just read it…ACT! 

The one difference with the Bible as opposed to other books, is that it should never be closed. We always need to be learning and taking action! 

That’s when we will see change. 

What have you been reading? How many times have you read it? Have you taken action? If not, why not? 

What are you waiting on? Stuff will not happen magically! 


Color Your Way To Sucess

My first coloring book has been a great experience. It’s available on 

It’s composed of motivational phrases that go from A-Z. It’s not like other coloring books. You have a lot more freedom to color and design the phrases and each letter of the alphabet the way you want.

Color Your Way To Sucess is the first of a series.

The second coloring book of this series is called Color Your Way Through Chemo. This is a coloring book specifically designed for those who may be going through chemotherapy. 

There are at least two more coloring books in the works. I’m in the process of developing a Facebook group that will be connected with my blog. Let me know if you’re interested being a part of that group! 

The Nehemiah Challenge 

June 1st, I created what’s called the Nehemiah Challenge. 

Nehemiah was a man we read about in the Bible. He was a great leader. He got stuff done FAST! 

He helped the Israelites rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. The wall had not been rebuilt for decades. Nehemiah would go and help the  people repair the wall and gates in 52 days! Cmon now! 

That’s action…

That’s deep work (read that book).

That’s purpose…

That’s leadership…

There was a crucial conversation (read that book) with the people and then a decision was made! 

Why do wait so long to get things done? Why do we delay? There’s never a perfect time to get things done. You just have to decide to get stuff done. 

So much can be done in 52 days…

Looking back it’s crazy to see what we can actually do…

My life has changed…

1. I wrote a short book for my dad. Learning the process of using Kindle Direct Publishing was great. Getting that done was big for me. The book is really short, but following through and doing what I said I would do was KEY.

2. I created two coloring books with two more almost done. This opened the door for me to speaking to someone at M.D. Anderson cancer center about getting the books in there for patients going through chemo.  It also opened a door for another coloring book idea. I want to inspire others. It’s working. 

3. I finished an online class.

4. I held a weekend preaching meeting in Houston.

5. I updated this blog (and will continue to do so). I also hit some personal milestones with this blog. 

6. I was able to get ads in this blog.

7. I maintained my weight (this is always a big deal).

8. I increased my weight on the incline bench press. 

9. I am helping people now get in shape with some personal training. 

10. I got up to date with my chronological Bible reading. 

11. I listened to the book of Ezekiel in the Bible (I’m preparing for a Bible class in November. 

52 days sounds like a long time but it’s not. It really goes by fast. So what’s next? 

It’s time for another Nehemiah Challenge. Are you ready? What have you been delaying doing? Why? What if the only one holding you back from what you really want is YOU? 

What do you want to accomplish? Write some of the things you want to do in a comment below. Maybe I could help you? Or maybe someone else who reads it will be able to help you. 

I have some personal goals to crush over the next 52 days. This will take us to September 13th. I will not share all of them, but I will give you a few. 

1. Hike Pikes Peak in Colorado (pray for me). 

2. Sit at my kitchen table in August on the day of my birthday with a big smile on my face thankful that I’ve been able to keep the weight off I lost last year (I’m never going back).

3. Begin the process of getting certified as a personal trainer. 

4. Hold and complete two preaching meetings in Texas.

5. Reach 10,000 views on this blog. Will you help me and share my posts on social media? 

6. Find a guest blogger for my site and become a guest blogger for someone else (think big).

7. Begin process of finalizing book for weight loss. 

8. Complete the next two coloring books and have them available on Amazon! 

9. Get into my 32 inch jeans. I’m close! I’m 33 jeans now. This will happen. 

This is just the start. I love the Nehemiah Challenge. Just get started where ever you are. Don’t be like so many who get started but never finish. 

Cmon now you can do this! Let’s go. 

Break The Habit

Limiting beliefs…



Other people…

These can be reasons why we don’t break habits that we don’t need. Can you relate? 

Last Friday I had my last 5 hour energy drink…

Today is day 9 and I’m feeling fine. First four days were tough. 

Tomorrow will be last day of coffee for me for a while. I know there are a lot of great benefits from coffee, but I’m just going to let my body rest. 

Break the habit…

I’ve had enough 5 hour energy drinks to last me a long time. 

Change can come in an instant. We just get to decide how soon we may want that change. It’s time!!

Don’t allow doubt to hold you back. The habits we pick up are the same habits we can put down! Go ahead and try it. You are stronger than you think. 

Now do it! 

Break the habit.