Stay Fit To Enjoy Life!

This has been a great day! 

I got great sleep last night. 

It’s day 8 with no 5 hour energy. My energy levels are beginning to increase. 

I got up at 4 to do my daily routine (Chronological Bible reading, prayers, read the book of Colossians, and Psalm 143). Then I met some guys at the beach to do some fishing. I got in the kayak and into the water. It was relaxing to be able to enjoy Gods creation. 

I did a hundred push-ups in the sand. That was tough. Then I came home and walked and ran outside for about an hour! I even threw in a little hill work. 

It’s only 1:10pm! There’s so much time left in the day. Fantastic! 

As I was outside I was thinking about how grateful I am that I can do these kinds of things. Fitness is not merely about how much you can bench press, squat, or if you a six pack! 

It’s also about enjoying life. It’s about getting outside and moving. It’s about being able to do multiple things and still having something left in the tank. 

It’s about being able to enjoy life! 

So stay fit…

So you can enjoy your family…

So you can enjoy your time off…

So you can enjoy life! 


Little By Little

We live in a fast paced society. We can get food really fast. We can get to our travel destinations faster. Our internet keeps getting faster. We can buy movie tickets faster by buying them online and now on our phones. When we don’t get what we want fast, we get frustrated.

Today, people want to lose WEIGHT FAST! We have SLIM FAST! We have shows like the Biggest Loser (they may done) that paint the picture of losing WEIGHT FAST!

Yet patience is an attribute we need in all that we do. We need patience when it comes to weight loss, financial growth, and in our relationships. We need patience when it comes to our spiritual growth. A great example of the kind of patience we need is found in the Old Testament of the Bible with the Israelites.

God had great things in store for them. But they would have to be patient. One day they would inherit the promise land, but it would take time. God told them He would give it to them LITTLE BY LITTLE, Exodus 23:27-31.

The challenge for Israel was that they were not to get ahead of God. It was God that determined how fast or how slow Israel’s progression was to be. It would
not be up to them, Exodus 13:17-18, 40:36-38. God had laid out their path. They were to follow it and go little by little.

But that would be hard, don’t you think? Put yourself in Israel’s shoes for a moment. You have been enslaved for centuries and are anxious to get this new land. Other nations around you have land, and you don’t want to feel inferior to them. Now that you have crossed the Red Sea and were expecting to be in the land in no time, only to find out that it would take TIME. Can you imagine the frustration? Israel was frustrated with God’s pace and therefore began to complain, Numbers 11:1-5, 14:4. They questioned God and His wisdom. Some got off of God’s path because they thought they knew better than Him. They would learn that they were wrong.


Do we respond the same way in our lives? DO we get inpatient with God? We need a LITTLE BY LITTLE attitude. We want to get to our destination immediately. If we don’t, we often will complain. We don’t like moving little by little. We see people around us with stuff we don’t have. The challenge for us is not to be so impatient that we will try to get ahead of God.

Many churches want to grow fast and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal. They get tired of teaching and preaching the gospel, and growing little by little. Instead of that they will engage in error by attempting to attract people with chicken dinners, contemporary worship, Saturday night service, and rock concerts.

Many young people in the world think it silly to wait until marriage for sexual intimacy. Instead, they ignore God’s path and engage in something they shouldn’t do.

Many couples ignore God’s wisdom handling finances. Instead, they get everything they want immediately.

Many people will wreck their metabolism in an effort to lose weight as quickly as possible. They want instant results, and are often not willing to be patient.


It’s a tough mindset to have, but it’s the right one.

It’s Hard…

However, it is Possible…

It is Worth it…

But will we have a LITTLE by LITTLE mindset? One day you will reach the promise land. For the Israelites that was the land of Canaan. For Christians, it will be Heaven. Be patient. Trust in God. You will get there when you follow Him and His word.

With respect to the goals you are going after be sure to have the same mindset. Be patient with your weight loss goals. They will come. Be patient with your strength increasing. It will happen. By persistent with reducing that debt. Eventually you will get there.

But it will require that you go…


Breaking The Habit

It is Day 5. I’m feeling much better than I was on day 1. 

Yesterday felt like a make or break day. Would I go back or just say NO! 

I ended up saying NO!!!

I have decided to get off of my 5 hour energy. Yep, that’s right. 

Going back to college days I’ve had some kind of energy drink off and on. When I worked at Golds Gym we had this really cool energy drink called RAZOR! What! It was a $1 and it worked great! 

I was crushed when they got rid of it and replaced it with another drink called SPEED STACK! I was upset until I tried that! 

WHOA! It gave you some speed! 

In college I tried the rip fuel that if I remember correctly had ephedra. That stuff worked too! I would have a pool of sweat 💦 after my cardio session. 

I remember driving to New York after graduating from college. We stopped off at a gas station and got one of those JOLT drinks! That worked pretty well. 

I haven’t always had a energy drink. I can’t remember when I started having 5 hour energy drinks. 

A few years ago I was off all caffeine for about 8 months. I think. Anyway, I’m going through what I call my detox stage. My brain is rebooting. 

I’m having 2 cups of coffee a day. I will then get rid of that and let my adrenal glands rest a bit. 

There are a lot of studies showing health benefits from drinking coffee. If you have some everyday then GREAT. But, I think I’m going to relax for a bit. 

To break the habit I had to/am doing a few things.  Maybe they can help you with breaking a habit you don’t want. 

1. Figure out your WHY. WHY do I want to do this? Your WHY has to be so strong, that even when you want to do the very thing that you’re trying to overcome, you will not do it. 

2. Protect yourself from yourself. I don’t have any 5 hour energy in my house. That would be unwise. If I did I would be using it. Set up some protection for yourself. 

3. Have others help you. I have some accountability who are checking up on me throughout the day. Yep, I’m that for real. Be sure to do the same. 

4. Think big picture. I’ve had a headache for four days. This morning I feel different. I feel better. The headache will not last forever. 

It’s possible to break habits that we don’t need. We have to break those limiting beliefs in our minds. 

It’s about recognizing that we can really do it. It’s about starting over again and again and again. It’s about not giving up! 

Why habits do you need to break? 

Start today! 

What habits do you need to create? 

Start today. 

When You Shouldn’t Flex

Earlier this year I started putting selfies on my Facebook page. After my workouts I always take a picture. It’s a way of accountability for me. 

Photos help you to see where you are. 

I like to take a flex 💪 photo!!! Friday’s are Flex Day for many! But why not make it everyday? Ha. 

Go ahead and flex after your workout. Don’t worry about what others in the gym may be thinking. They may be thinking, “I should take a flex shot.” Or they may be thinking, “What is that person doing? Are they nuts?” 😂 

Again, don’t worry about that. 

There is one time however when you shouldn’t flex. I’m not talking about flexing your biceps. Rather, I’m referring to Gods word. 

When it comes to the Scriptures, there’s no room for FLEXING. There’s no room for…

Trying to Bend the Scriptures to get them to say what we want them to say…

Adjust to change…

Does that make sense? All 66 books of the Bible are INSPIRED, 2 Timothy 3:16-17. They are the words of God. Therefore, man has no right to change or adjust what the Bible has to say. 

We don’t have the right to try and make the Scriptures say what we want it to say. Rather, we need to listen to Gods word and do what God wants us to do. 

I’m all about flexing when it comes to our workouts, but not when it comes to the word of God! 

God is our authority. He is our Creator, Genesis 1:26. Therefore, He has the right to tell us what to do. 

We need to listen to God in all things. We need to listen to Him with respect to our marriages, sexual purity, speech, salvation, etc. 

We don’t have the authority or the right to adjust or change the Scriptures. There’s no flexing when it comes to Gods word!

Jesus said in John 14:6,  “… I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

We can’t adjust those words. There’s no room for flexing with the word of God. Now some people may think, 

“That’s too rigid…”

“That will offend people…”

We should be more concerned about offending God! We should be concerned about being pleasing to God. 

We can do that by standing firm on His word. 

Did you workout today? Take a photo flexing! 

Did you read from the Bible today? Remember, there’s no flexing with what God has to say! Trust God and His word. 

Cmon now! 

A Bible Verse For Every Season

Yesterday, I had the day off from preaching. I heard two great sermons. 

I was able to think about a few things. I was reminded of a scripture that I’ve heard many times, but sometimes can forget or not put into action. 

It was described as a Bible verse for every season. It’s one to instantly pull up in your mind no matter what you face.

Are things going great for you in life? Great! Remember this passage.

Did you just buy a new house, car, or some other physical possession? Great! Be sure to remember this verse. 

Did you get laid off from your job? Are you looking for new work? Remember this passage. 

Are you single? Remember this verse! 

Are you married? Hold on to this passage. 

Are you expecting your first child, or maybe having your second or third child? Remember this passage! 

Have you experienced a miscarriage and are mourning the loss of your child? Remember this passage. 

Did you get a good report from your last doctors visit? Make sure you keep this passage hidden in your heart.

Did you get bad news from your doctor? Don’t forget this passage.

So what is the Bible verse I’m referring to? It is Proverbs 3:5. 

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” 

It’s so simple to understand, yet it can be hard to do. 

Where are you with your TRUST in the Lord? We all need HIM.

Whoever you may be, wherever this blog may be read, remember the words found in Proverbs 3:5! 

It’s a Bible verse for every season. 

Will You Struggle For Me? 

What are you struggling with in your life? 

Most people struggle with something. 

Today, I have a request. I need you to struggle for me? It’s a weird request I know, so let me explain. 

There’s a Bible verse tucked away in Colossians 4. The verse I’m referring to is verse 12. I love it. 

Here’s what it says…

Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, greets you, always struggling on your behalf in his prayers, that you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God. 

Many are not familiar with this man. Epaphras was a great man for Jesus!

He labored for the cause of Christ. He loved the brethren. 

It’s worth you getting to know him. He’s listed with a number of other men and women in Colossians 4. They were all workers. 

Epaphras loved the brethren so much that he struggled for them in prayer. The saints were in a spiritual battle. In chapter two, we find words like “deceive” and “captive.” Epaphras prayed earnestly for the saints! 

He wrestled, labored, struggled in prayer. This wasn’t a quick passing thought of the disciples. There was intensity. There was zeal. His desire was for them to stand.

I need you to struggle for ME! I need your help. You need my help too! 

So let’s do this. Let’s struggle for one another today, tomorrow, and everyday moving forward. Deal? 

STRUGGLE for ME please! 

“I’m A Saved Man, But I’m Not Super Man…”

A brother in Christ made this statement last night on Facebook. 

“I’m a saved man, but I’m not super man. I’ve been given special blessings, but not special powers.” 

Thank you Roy! This statement stood out to me. What about you? 

Like my brother Roy I’m saved  by the blood of Jesus, Ephesians 1:7. Only the blood of Jesus can save us from our sins, John 14:6. That’s a pretty bold statement, but I believe it. Do you? 

The resurrection of Jesus from the grave was a game changer! Indeed, Christ is raised, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Yes! 

Like Roy and other Christians who are saved, I have special blessings in Christ, Ephesians 1:3.

But I’m not Super Man. I think a lot of people in the world have the view that Christians are supposed to be Super Man or Super Woman (I still haven’t seen the movie, I’m way behind on my movies). 

That is to say, they believe that once someone becomes a Christian, that they are no longer able to do anything wrong! 

Every word they say will be perfect…

Every thought they have will be pure…

Every decision they make will be right…


That’s hardly the case. 

The only one that lived a perfect life was Jesus.

 Jesus the Messsiah, the Christ, the Alpha and Omega, lived a SINLESS life, 1 Peter 2:21-23. Think about that. That is AWESOME!!!!

He died for me and for you, so that we might have life! 

No Christian will ever live a perfect life. But we do follow a perfect Savior. 

Because we are in Christ, our lives will be transformed. Our thoughts, our words, our motives indeed should change and will change as we follow our Savior. 

There are certain actions that we will PUT OFF, as the apostle Paul taught in Ephesians 4:20-27. 

There will be certain actions that we will PUT ON! 


However, my KING JESUS is SUPER. I’m thankful that even when I fall short that I can be forgiven by HIM, 1 John 1:8-10. 

His blood continues to cleanse me. Man, what a Savior we serve. 

For so many people in the world and sadly even Christians, when a Christian makes a mistake, they are thrown to the curb. They made a mistake…BOOM…we’re now done with them. 

People will unfriend that person on Facebook…

They will unlink (is that a word) them on LinkedIn…

They may not return their texts…

Some will point to them and say, “And he called himself a Christian.” 

Others will use that mistake as a reason NOT to follow Jesus!!!

Hypocrite! You’ve made mistakes too.

People at your job make mistakes, but you aren’t quitting your job.

It’s funny how the world says, “Don’t Judge Me…” but then are so quick to Judge Christians…Hhhmmm…

“I’m a saved man, but I’m not super man.”

I’m thankful for the love of God.  

As I Christian, I need to constantly grow closer to my KING. I need to be walking in HIS footsteps. 

I need to be filled with the Spirit, as opposed to being drunk with wine. I need to be under the control and influence of the Holy Spirit. I need to be listening to the words of the Holy Spirit that are found in the word of God, Ephesians 5:18. 

Why? Because I’ve been given special blessings. Because I’ve been born again. Because of the love of God. 

When I fall I will get back up. As Christians, we must admit our mistakes and grow from them. We need to help others to understand that we come to Jesus, NOT because we’re PERFECT, but because we are NOT PERFECT. 

We need Jesus! HE is PERFECT! We need HIM. 

I’m a saved man…

My life should change.

People should see a difference.

I should grow in the faith.

As Christians, we don’t abuse the grace of God. We don’t continue in sin, Romans 6:1-4. God forbid! Rather, His grace should motivate us to live righteously. We’ve been given such a great gift! 


The things of the world become less and less appealing as I get closer and closer to my KING. 

“I’m a saved man, but I’m not super man.” Everyday, I need the man who is SUPER, PERFECT, and POWERFUL.

I need Jesus! 

Thank you brother Roy Jr. 

“Evolution” A Poem From The Past by Tanya DePeiza

Motivation is contagious. Inspiration is contagious. Life is about doing things together. 

Life is about pushing and encouraging others. 

A few months ago I decided to launch out into the deep and start to blog! I never knew it would turn into something I look forward to doing. I can’t stop. I will not stop. Along the way something else has happened. 

My mind continues to expand. I’ve created a few coloring books to motivate and encourage others (2 more on the way). And others have become encouraged along the way to do some writing. 

Today, I would like to share with you a poem from the past by Tanya DePieza. Tanya is my sister. I love her very much. She’s a Wwwwaaaayyyy better writer than I will ever be. She’s been writing poems for years! 

I’ve tried to encourage her to do something with them. She now is! Yes! 

I’ve been reading some of your poems. The first one I read got my attention. That is the one that I want to share with you. 

It’s called evolution…


“I can’t…”

it’s the killer of men 

of hopes and dreams;

it breaks open hearts

and tears them apart;

it’s reserved to steal, kill, and defeat.

let me repeat,

it’s reserved for defeat.

“I can’t…”

can slowly be changed

if your life’s rearranged,

when your hopes start to rise

and you push towards a prize 

so those words have no power

and in the final hour

you can reach into your soul,

continue to be bold,

and running towards the light

you find inside the strength to fight,

to hold your head to the sky

and let out a cry,

“I CAN!”

By Tanya DePieza

Look for Tanya’s book of poems called “Poems From The Past ” soon. 

I See Goals And Not Calories At The Store

I went to the grocery store this morning. I was too tired to go last night. 

As I walked into the store I saw the fruits and veggies to the left. I saw the pastries to the front and to the right. 

I went left. 

As I went to the freezer section I saw my key lime pie individual slices that I will pick up on a free day on the right. I stayed straight and walked past. 

I was not thinking about the calories, but rather my goals. Are these foods going to move me closer or further away from my goals? 

Goals and not calories…

Obviously calories count. But I don’t typically count calories. I eat according to portion size. Calories are different also depending on when they are eaten. 

I wonder how our eating would change if we thought more of our goals to help us with making decisions when it comes to food. 

I’ve said numerous times in my blog that I will have a free day or two free meals a week where I will eat anything I want. But my mind is slowing changing. 

I’m so close to my goals, I don’t want anything to slow me down. I just gotta keep going. 

What’s going to be the most efficient for me? What’s the fastest way? 

Free meals where you overeat and give the body extra calories can be beneficial with keeping the metabolism going. But that feeling I have on Monday morning after a big free day can sometimes be tough. 

Give it to me. I will eat my broccoli. I will get a 10-12 hour fast between my last and first meal. Just get there! 

Next time you go into the store think about your goals! 

Picking up that piece of fruit, that spinach, that lean beef, may become a little easier! 

Emotional Eating And A Blood Clot

I can’t believe I did it. But it’s true. After returning home after leaving the hospital due to a blood clot in my right coronary artery(in 2014), I got a big piece of cake from the grocery store and ate it!

I should have been thinking about changing up my eating habits. After all, I could have died. Or maybe I should have fell to the floor and continued to thank God for the second chance I been given. 

Maybe I should have done both. But instead I ran to my friend…FOOD! 

My friend rarely disappoints! 

My friend brings me comfort! 

My friend provides a great release of dopamine. 

But my friend has a dark side. My friend named FOOD never says “No” to me. Not even after having a blood clot in my heart. 

Emotional eating is interesting. Turning to FOOD is interesting. I’m still trying to figure a few things out. Can you relate? 

It’s natural to turn to food. We need it. It’s okay to enjoy moments with FOOD! It brings people together. But far too often we turn to it all the time. 

Are you an emotional eater? Do you turn to food even though you know that what you’re about to do is going to set you back? Has food become like an escape for you? It can happen so easily. 

How might we be able to break this habit which can cause a lot of damage? 

I’m not an expert, but I have a couple of thoughts. 

1. We need to reward ourselves differently than merely with food. Maybe new clothes, pedicure, a concert, or a movie,  or a simple “excellent job” when we accomplish something. 

2. When you feel that pull to food take a step back and see what is pushing you to this action. Are you angry? Are you tired? Are you in a hurried state? Identify what it is and pause for a bit to relax. Drink some water. You may be just thirsty.

3. Don’t allow yourself to potentially fall into the emotional trap. Keep certain foods out of your house. Drive a different route home instead of driving on the street that has that restaurant you can’t  seem to resist. 

4. Ask yourself, “Am I really rewarding myself ?” We can reward ourselves after a long day by eating something that’s going to knock us out the rest of the night. But is that really a reward? Is it  preparing us for the next day? And do we really need this “REWARD?” 

I think asking questions is key. Look at yourself as you go into your emotional mode. Seek to identify those triggers. Maybe there’s a bigger issue that’s at play. 

I’m thankful that I have survived my blood clot. I’m thankful that I have my eating under better control. I’m still under construction. 

Maybe you are too! Hang in there. Don’t quit.