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All About Authority

Along the Way

The Most Important Question To Ask

Don’t Be Like Them
What is Modesty? 1 Timothy 2

A Terrifying Sermon: Acts 24

Christ My King: Worship

A True Crime Story: 2 Samuel

Dangers to avoid while serving
Can I Divorce If I’m Not Happy? Matthew 19

What the Bible says about Abortion
Christians in the workplace

Christ My King: Serve
Are we in the last days?

When Moses Became A Rebel
Christ My King: Trust Part 3

What does the Bible say about Homosexuality?
After you say, “I Do.”

Christ My King: Trust Part 2
Go! Seeking The Lost

What Makes A Church Conservative or Liberal?
Christ My King: Trust A Study in the gospels

Confessing Sin
Honoring God with our money

When do you want it to be fixed? John Chapter 5
The Problem of Suffering: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Marriage: Keeping Score 1 Corinthians 13
Honor in the home

The Sum of Truth: Not Some of the Truth
How do I fit in the local church?

Christ My King: Introduction
Decrease Your Distractions

Stand on what is sure: God’s word
Dealing with Doubt

The Nearness of God is my good: Psalm 73
You Alone O LORD: Psalm 4

What Shall We Do? Elisha, 2 Kings
Little Children Guard Yourselves From Idols: 1 John

A Haunting Passage: 2 Kings
My Father’s Business: Luke 2

My Father’s Business: Luke 2
Make Up Your Mind: Daniel 1

Matters of the Heart: Sexual Immorality
Matters of the Heart: Racism

Matters of the Heart: Covetousness
Matters of the Heart: Hypocrisy

Celebrate what the LORD has done: Exodus
Seen and Not Seen: Jesus, Sermon on the Mount, Giving, Matthew 5-6

No Escaping the Evidence: Resurrection, Jesus, Miracles
If, Why, Where: Judges, Gideon

They Couldn’t Cancel the Resurrection: Evidences, Resurrection
The Valley Of Darkness

Advancing the Gospel: Philippians, Evangelism
Every day is Father’s Day: God, Family

Don’t Drop Your Shield: Joshua, Spirit Warfare
Crucial Conversations: Acts 15

Remember Me For Good: Nehemiah, Good Works
Dealing with Anger: A Case Study from Nehemiah

An Uncertain Life: The Story of Joseph: Genesis
A Trustworthy Statement: 1 Timothy

What Shall We Do? Salvation, Acts 2, 16
Choose Today: Jesus, Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6-7

God’s Wish: 1 Peter, Salvation
Rejoice: Philippians

What has the Coronavirus revealed about us? Suffering
Our Eyes Are On You: Suffering, 2 Chronicles

Some Thoughts About Our Current Distress: Suffering, Trust
Some Thoughts From Galatians

Do we appreciate the work of the Holy Spirit? Bible
Are you full of the Holy Spirit?

In God we trust? Politics, Elections
The Barnabas Factor: Acts, Encouragement

How should Christians Vote? Politics, Trust
Is Your Soul Prospering? 3 John, Health and Wealth

Having the right friends: Kid’s sermons, influence
If they could do it, we can do it: Politics

A New Commandment: 1 John, Love
Christians in the election year: Politics

A woman freed from her sickness: Luke, Jesus, Miracles
A recipe for success: Ezra

Taking God for granted: Grace, Numbers
Lessons from leeches: Kid’s sermon, Proverbs

Content in every circumstance: Philippians, contentment
2020 Vision: Evangelism

One Heart, one Soul: Acts 4, Unity
A message from Jesus: Revelation, Church
For the sake of you: 1 Peter
Kept and Keep: Jude

Almost Persuaded: Acts 26
Steady in the storms: Acts 27, Trials, Faith

Worth more than gold: Proverbs
Stagnant in Spirit: Apathy, Indifference

Not Me, But We: Church, 1 Corinthians, Unity
Make me a servant: Servants

Dealing with anger: Satan, Sin
Walking in pain: Suffering

God and His Grace
He is able to humble those who walk in pride: Daniel

God is…: Nehemiah, Character of God
The Conversion of the Corinthians: Acts 18, Salvation, Corinthians

Nehemiah: The rest of the book
Come over and help us: Acts 16

Raised in the church
When parents make mistakes

If I perish, I perish: THe book of Esther
It’s not just a story for kids: Judges 6-8

Which side of the fence are you on? Commitment
Children: Do your job – Ephesians

Cyrus and the Cylinder: Isaiah, Chronicles, Ezra, Evidences
Did that really happen? Acts 12

You’re out of your mind: Acts 12
Be the exception: Always give thanks, Luke 17

The Lord’s Supper: A Special Meal
Establishing Bible Authority

Difficult steps we must take: Discipleship
Just as He said: Jesus, Faith, Matthew

They were great when they were young

The truth about truth
This kind can’t come out by anything but prayer: miracles

Repentance: An Unpopular Message
A Bad Night: The apostle Peter

The Paralytic, His Friends, and Jesus
The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction

Dealing with Alleged Bible Contradictions
What my studies with others have taught me

How shall the young secure their hearts? Proverbs 4
Some thoughts about pride month: homosexuality

Reading the book of Acts
Our responsibilites to one another: church

Some thoughts from Disney about Modesty
Finish: 2 Timothy 4, Heaven

Should we stop evangelizing? Evangelism
An unusual response to suffering

Render to God what belongs to Him
What’s your price?

When the well runs dry

Render to sender: When it feels like God isn’t answering your prayer

Some thoughts from our meeting
What do these stones mean to you?

What Jonah teaches us about God
Myths, Legends, or Facts

Good Grief: Dealing the loss of a loved one
I will: Psalms

He who is not against us is for us
What must I do to be saved? Acts 16

An unusual question: Luke 7
Children in the marketplace: Luke 7

An Unusual Funeral: Luke 7
What Jesus teaches us about authority

Give them back: 1 Samuel
Unbiblical attitudes toward the authority of scriptue

The inspiration of the scriptures: authority
A prayer never found: The Sinner’s prayer

What makes the resurrection unique
Men who understood the times: 1 Chronicles

Be careful how you walk: Ephesians
It’s all about Heart: part 1

It’s all about heart
Arise and build

What will you do with Jesus?
Reaching the goal: Heaven

Faith, Fellowship, and Food: Acts 2
Are we too busy?

Be Merciful: Two Possibilities
Did you receive the Spirit when you believed? Acts 19

Be Merciful
The Census that turned deadly

Get Behind me Satan
Stubborn Hearts

What about the dinosaurs? Kid’s Lesson
Not my will, but yours

Do not worry about your life: Sermon on the Mount
Manna: The great miracle of God

Traditions and Traditions: Church, apostles
Facts about fasting

1 Word to improve your marriage
Greater than John the Baptist

Strive for excellence
Left Behind: The return of Jesus

Questions about worship
Questions about the Bible

Questions about baptism
Questions about God

Control what you can control
Questions about suffering

Gentleness in the home

The most humble man in the world: Moses
It’s time to talk and listen: Kid’s sermon

Beyond your backpack: Kid’s lesson
The Gentle Savior

Chase the lion: Overcoming fear of evangelism
Crisis of faith: The story of Jeremiah

Jude: A forgotten Letter Part 1
Philemon: A forgotten Letter Part 2

The thief on the cross: salvation
Providence or coincidence

What makes Jesus Marvel?
Does it really mean that?

A Letter of Faith: 2 Timothy
The Persistent Widow: Luke 18

Sowing and reaping: John 4
Don’t be ignorant

What does boxing have to do with church?
Do good: A challenging teaching from Jesus

66 or 80 books: Are the Apocrypha books inspired?
The way

Baptism now saves us
In the midst of suffering

Be Kind
Causes of suffering

How will we respond? Ezekiel
It’s Not Rocket Science: Simple ways to reach the lost

Strange Fire: Authority, Leviticus
He Chose to stay: Jesus, Suffering

52 Days or 40 years?
Peace in every circumstance

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