There’s No Finish Line

When it comes to fitness, there can be no finish line. 

We just have to keep pushing! 

We gotta keep growing. 

We must keep improving. 

When we lose the weight, we need to keep it off for good. It’s too hard to keep going back and forth. 

New challenges must be created.

New goals must be established.

There’s no finish line. 

Just keep going and going and going.

Stay in your lane. 

Trust the process! 

Then go get it! 

Are you ready? Are you ready to sprint? Are you ready for the next curve? 

Then cmon with the cmon! 

Right now! 


A Sad Piece Of CakeĀ 

Last August on my birthday, I ate a piece of birthday cake. 

I was not excited. It was a sad piece of cake. It wasn’t the cakes fault! 

It was mine. Being 239 pounds was my fault. Having a 40 inch waist was my fault. Being out of shape was my fault. My love affair with cake had finally caught up with me. 

It was always there for me, but it hurt me! 

It deceived me. Okay, it was the cakes fault that I was overweight. 

No wait, it was my fault. I should have said “NO” more! 

But this year…

It’s amazing what can happen in a year…

Real changes can take place…

But only with intention, clarity, planning and preparation. 

I don’t know what I’m going to eat on my birthday. But it won’t be a sad piece of cake. I may have some cake (although key lime pie has caught  my eye). 

But it will be great! Epic…

My mindset is so different than it was last year.  I’m thankful that I’ve dropped the weight and have kept it off, not by dieting but through plenty of eating and exercising and having CAKE!!!!

No dieting!!! 

Common sense eating!!! 

Let’s go!!! 

This year there will be no sad cake!

I created the Nehemiah Challenge (posted earlier last month). The idea is to get stuff done. 


Deep Work! 

Nehemiah, a man we read about in the Scriptures got stuff done in 52 days, that had not be done for decades. 

Why do we sometimes have a mental block, where we keep delaying getting something done we need to? 

No more of that! 

I started this blog earlier this year. I’m so glad that I did. It’s been refreshing. 

I’m so glad that I have gotten my website up and ready. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s a good start. 

Faith, Family, Fitness, Food will also be the foundation of my website. 

You will have access to my coloring books, future coloring books, motivational journal, and soon book to help people with weight loss.  

You will easy access to sermons and myYouTube  channel, where you will find Bible readings from the gospels, and some exercise videos. I’m so excited about this! 

It’s amazing how much things can change in a year. Let’s keep creating! 

My website is…

Thank you for your support. Let me know what you think. 

Writing Your Prayers

The Holy Spirit teaches us that we are to be devoted when it comes to prayer, Colossians 4:2-3. We are to be like our Savior Jesus who would often slip away for prayer, Luke 5:16.

We are to pray without ceasing, 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

Hopefully we are prayer on a regular basis. At times it can certainly be a challenge. There are a lot of things that can easily distract us. We can become so busy with STUFF…

S…Social Media


U…Useless time fillers stealers like playing on the internet or watching television.

F…Football (which almost back in season. How much time does that take from our weekend?)

F…Fantasy…More and more people would rather live in fantasy worlds (through movies,books, shows, games, etc.) than actually enjoying the REAL WORLD.

We need TIME to pray. I need to do it often. I need to do it more. Maybe you do too.

One of the things that has helped me with my prayers is writing them. I began doing this in 2013. Writing your prayers has a lot of advantages than maybe saying them in your head. There’s nothing wrong saying your prayers like that, or saying them out loud. But I have come to enjoy writing out my prayers when I can.

1. It helps me to stay focused more with my thoughts.

2. It forces me to slow down as I talk to God.

3. It allows me to see where my mindset is with respect to my walk.

4. I can go back and see how God has answered so many of my prayers.

Again, this isn’t something that you have to do, but maybe it will be something that could benefit you. I go to Barnes and Nobles and will buy a nice journal. Eventually, when that is filled up, I go and buy another one.

You may want to give it a shot. Whatever you do, continue to pray. And pray for ME!

Trust Without Borders

Proverbs 3:5 is a passage for every season. I’ve spoken about this text in the past. Do you know what it says? 

It says…

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Do you believe what it says? 

Will you do what it says? 

One of my Pastors says that this passage is a verse for every season. He’s right.

But will we fully trust God? 

Will we trust Him without borders? I heard that statement “Trust Him without borders” in a song Friday afternoon. When I heard it, I felt like I got slapped in the face. 

Trust without borders!!!

Don’t put limits on God! 

He is AWESOME! He can do more than what we ask or think, Ephesians 3:20! 

Trust in Him without borders! 

How far will you go before you begin to doubt in your God? 

Will you trust Him…

Like Noah did when he built the Ark? 

Like Moses and the Israelites when they stepped into the Red Sea and walked on dry ground? 

Like JOSHUA and the Israelites when they crossed the chilly Jordan River?

Trust Him without borders.

Don’t tell God what He can’t do! 

Don’t tell God that sometime is too hard! 

Don’t tell Him…

TRUST HIM! Listen to Him more! Believe in Him more! Follow Him completely. 

Trust Him without borders!!!

Just A Few More Days

Just a few more days until book number 4 is complete. 

If you would like to know exactly when the book will be available please leave me a comment below and I will add you to a list.

When Your Prayers Turn To Death…

Have you ever prayed that you would die? 

I have not. I’ve been through a lot as everyone has, but I have not prayed for death. 

I grew up in a single parent  family. 

My dad was an alcoholic. 

He was physically abusive to my mother. 

At times we were on food stamps.

We didn’t have much.

But I never prayed for death. 

I have a heart condition. 

But I have never prayed for death. 

What about you? Has life ever put you in a position that you have prayed for death? 

If it has you are not alone. I don’t look down on anyone who has prayed for death. We actually have examples of people in the Bible who prayed that they would die. Life can hard. 

A man named Elijah once prayed to God that he would die,  1 kings 19:1-5. 

Elijah had many mountain top experiences. He saw the power of God. He knew that God was with him. His prayers had been answered. Yet he prayed for death. 

What pushed him over the line? 

Jezebel told him via letter that he would soon be dead. His life was threatened. He was tired. He was on the run. He was alone. He was hungry. 

It was a perfect storm! Now his prayer was that he would die. 

Have you ever asked God to take your life? 

God did not say “YES” to this mans prayer. But he did give him what he needed. 

1. Elijah needed to rest. 

2. Elijah needed to eat. 

3. Elijah needed the right perspective. He was not alone. There were others who were still following the true and loving God.

4. Elijah needed to remember he still had purpose. God had big plans for him. 

What he thought he needed was in fact what he didn’t need at all!!! 

Have your prayers ever turned to the topic of death? 

God knows what is best for you! And for me! YES!!!!

Thank you Lord! You are God and we are not. So we will trust in you. Even when the darkest storms come. Even when our doubts seem greater than your promises. We will TRUST! We will OBEY! For there’s no other way. 

Don’t take matters into your own hands! Trust in the hands that made you. 

Pray for strength. He will give it to you! 

And remember that He loves you. 

Color Your Way To Releasing The Weight

How long will it take before you’re ready to change? 

Why do we often struggle to change? 

Why do we wait until something bad happens to change? 

What if we decided to change before our backs were up against the wall? 

Now is the time. Last year I read in an article that for many people September is the lightest people will be with respect to the their weight for the rest of the year. 


Because of…




New Years Day…

Yep!!! When those days hit, for many it’s all over. Many will gain 10-15 pounds. The terrible cycle will continue in the New Year, trying to lose the same ole weight. 

Aren’t you tired of doing that? I am!! I was!!! I took action last year. 

One of the things I had to do was change my mindset!!! Get that right and the body will follow. 

Are you ready to do the same? Then let’s go! Let’s release the weight. Stay tuned for more details about the fun way I’ve created to get your mind focused on the big picture when it comes to releasing the weight. 

Don’t Let Success Scare You!!!

It’s been said that we are born with two fears…

The fear of falling…

The fear of noise…

So why are we afraid of so much? 

There are a variety of reasons that could be given. 

1. Sometimes it’s due to what other people say.

2. Sometimes it’s because of bad experiences. 

3. Sometimes it’s because we often think the worst. 

Break free right now! 

Go out and conquer your fears. 

Many people never learn how to swim because they had a bad experience where they almost drowned. That one experience has now paralyzed them. They will never get in the water again. 

That’s sad isn’t it? 

Some people will never move from where they grew up out of fear of the unknown. There will be no Abraham and Sarah moment for them. That’s unfortunate. 

Many people allow negative words to hold them back. Things like, 

“That will never work.”

“Why are you doing that? That’s stupid.”

“You’re just no good at that.”

Do you allow words like that hold you back? Even worse, do you allow that dialogue between your ears hold you back? 

We are experts with telling ourselves STORIES…

We can imagine the absolute worst thing that will happen. Cmon, admit it! You know it’s true. 

We can talk ourselves out of doing something that is actually good. 

Right when we’re on the brink of SUCCESS, we can draw back. How foolish is that? Have we allowed society to influence us that much? 

Maybe we should go back to being a child. Children express themselves! They are fearless. They may do a lot of crying, but it’s because they launch out into the deep. They are often very courageous. 

Cmon right now!!! Launch out into the deep. 

Conquer your fears!! 

Are you afraid of public speaking? Take a class on it and crush it. I have learned as a gospel preacher that there will always be a critic. Every week I have to say “NO” to fear, so I can get up and speak. God is with me! Therefore, I will speak. 

Don’t be afraid of success! Embrace it my friend. Use that FEAR as energy, strength, and power. Feel it! Accept it! Then tell that FEAR what you are going to do! 

Figure out what it is that’s holding you back. Is it that if you are successful you will have more responsibilities? Embrace the added responsibilities. That’s what life is all about. Are you worried that people may talk about you? Ha!!! They probably already are. Do you feel like you don’t fit the part with what you want to do? Well, keep learning and growing but don’t ever stop. 

Be fearless! You’re so close. Don’t shrink back now. 

So, what’s on your list to do? 

Be Fearless! One day you will run out of time. Don’t let FEAR win! 

Your One ChanceĀ 

I didn’t want to look back and say when I was 40 years old, “Man, I should have have went to that preaching training program at the Dowlen Road Church of Christ.”

So, I decided when I was 30 years old to move across country with my wife into the unknown. It was an Abraham moment. 

I was 30 and recently out of a job with Pfizer Inc. I had made it through one of the big cuts in 2006, but not the second one in 2009. After eight years it was time for something new. I had been thinking about preaching for a long time. I could have found another sales job. But the timing seemed right. 

There was a great need (and still is) for teachers (that are willing to work). 

Life is about taking risks, right? I didn’t want to look back with regret. This may be my one chance. 

Wow, eight years later and I’m glad I took that chance. This journey has been life changing for me, for my wife, and for so many others. 

What about you? 

Maybe this is your moment. Maybe this is your final chance! What if this your ONE CHANCE? 

Maybe to run that 1/2 marathon…

Maybe to get in the best shape of your life…

Maybe to begin a new career…

Maybe to be saved from your sins…

Maybe to mend a broken relationship…

Will you take advantage of the time you have right now? 

What if this is the One Time, the Right Time, the Last Time Moment for you to make the changes you’ve been dreaming about for weeks, months, years? 

Leave nothing on the table! 

Cmon now! Go get it! 

I believe in you! Do you

Believe in yourself?