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Be sure to check out all of my interviews on the I Can Do Podcast below! You can find them on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google Podcasts, and more!

My Conversation with my mother Sharon Lee on Life and Faith

My Conversation with Evangelist Berry Kercheville on Enjoying God, Evangelism, and Living a Quiet Life

My Conversation with Wellness and Lifestyle Coach Kim Stone on Burnout and Finding Balance in our lives

My Conversation with New York Times Best Selling Author Robert Cheeke on becoming an author, the power of persistence, and answering questions about being Vegan.

My Conversation with Evangelist Jared Bollman on being a father, connecting with our children, and having Godly families

My Conversation with Meanie Kilgore Hill

My Conversation with Health Coach Eva Latchem

Tiffany Wiggs Weight Loss Journey

Tiffany Wigg Before and After

My Conversation with Mark Bossert

My Conversation with Dr. Susan Kleiner

My Conversation with Attorney Kevin Clark

My Conversation with Caleb Churchill

My Conversation with Haley Kilpatrick

My Conversation with Stuart Peck and Dan Kingsley of Appian Media


David and Dana Carrozza of Sacred Selections

Anna LeBaron: Book Launcher, Author, & Speaker

Fitness Coach Philip Bowman

Father, Preacher, and Musician Keith Stonehart

Everyday is a blessing! Make it count! Life is often about attitude. While we can’t control everything, we get to decide the mindset we will have! Take a look around my site and if I can help you to become the best version of yourself, please let me know! And remember, I CAN DO and SO CAN YOU

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