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All About Books With Warren Berkley and Jay Taylor

Diakonos Church Marketing Virtual Bible Summit April 2, 2020: “An Unusual Response To Suffering

Devotional Doctors Interview: Episode #17 Dealing With Illness with Benjamin and Nikki Lee

November 23, 2019

Devotional Doctors Interview: Episode #20 The Heart Of The Matter with Benjamin Lee

December 21, 2019

I recently was able to write a guest blog called, I’m Too Strong To Have A Panic Attack” for my friend Justin McCorkle on his blog called “Love In Leadership. You can read it HERE. 

Below is an article for IronHeartfoundation and their website. I shared my story about my heart condition and defibrillator with them. Click Here to read..


Preachers and Fitness Podcast Discussion with Shane Millard.

2019 Newspaper Article in the Cross Timbers Gazette


I’ve been able to write a number of articles for the Men’s Daily Briefing Blog by Aaron Kemble. I met Aaron last year while holding a meeting in Michigan. Aaron does great work and his blogs are very timely and encouraging. Check out his website here and subscribe to his daily blogs.

Articles Written: These can be read here.

  1. Surviving Storms
  2. The attacks of the devil
  3. One word to improve your marriage
  4. King David: A real man
  5. I see this in Jesus

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