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I have a variety of Bible study/class workbooks. Please feel free to Download and use. I would love for you to send me a note letting me know how they are working for you. You can email at

Learning and Living from the Proverbs: There are a couple of ways to learn. We can live and learn or we can learn and live! The book of Proverbs is so important for all of us. This workbook allows you to explore the text for yourself as you learn and live!

The Sermon on the Mount. This has to be one of the most important and significant studies I’ve ever taught. I truly believe this should be taught on a regular basis. Not because this workbook is so good, but because the teaching of Jesus is so powerful!

Getting To Know Jesus. This is a study through the gospels to learn about Jesus, His life, His teaching, His Death and Resurrection, Salvation through Him, and His church.

It’s Not Rocket Science: Simple Ways To Reach The Lost. This is a workbook that looks at the “How” when it comes to Evangelism. There is also my workbook called “Getting To Know Jesus” which you can use to study with others.

Standing On The Edge Of Eternity: A Study on Life, Death, Heaven, and Hell.

A Study in the Book of Ezekiel

What To Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do: A Study in the book of Job

The Holy Spirit In Action: A Study in the book of Acts.

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