Benjamin has preached in Africa, Mexico, and in 16 states in the U.S. He has been interviewed on a variety of podcasts and presented numerous presentations in many different venues including:





Fitness Camps and Health Clubs

Non-Profit Groups

Church Panel Discussions

If you are interested in booking Benjamin, please send an email to icandocoaching@pm.me.


Florida College Lectures, Tampa Florida


Taylorsville Road Church of Christ Podcast

The Fit Vegan Podcast

Interviewed by Million Copy Best Selling Author Shannon Ethridge in her BLAST community

The Nikki Lee Podcast

The Citizen’s of Heaven Podcast with Hal Hammons

The Bible Study Podcast with Wes Adams

The Health Equity Black/African American HCM Experience Podcast

The Help Me Preach Podcast with Shane Millard

The Cardiac Athlete Podcast with Anna Jaworski

The Biblically Speaking Podcast with Jared Bollman

The Shepherding Talk Podcast with Aaron Kemple

The Devotional Doctors Podcast

Leading Others to Christ Podcast with Dan Barker


Ultraspeaking: What it takes to overcome anxiety-The Big Secret

Balancing the Christian Life Whova Series: Living Intentionally

Diakonos Marketing: Virtual Bible Summit

Point Bank: Tips for accomplishing your goals


Inglewood, California: Green Dot Public School I Can Do Zoom Presentation

Compton, California: Green Dot Public School Zoom I Can Do Presentation

Beaumont Texas: Vincent Middle School Bible Discussions

Tampa Florida: Florida College Academy

Orange, Texas: Raising awareness for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)

Fitness Camps and Health Clubs

Golden Colorado: Bill Phillips Fitness Transformation Camp

Flower Mound, Texas: YMCA “It’s Time to Build” Motivational Talk

Beaumont TX: HCMA display at Exygon Gym


American Heart Association Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Virtual Roundtable

Dallas, Texas: Emcee for DFW Sacred Selections Fundraising Event

Beaumont, Texas: Christus Saint Elizabeth Hospital HCM Support Group

Church Panel Discussions:

Irving, Texas: Westside Church of Christ Racism Panel Discussion

Beaumont, Texas: Dowlen Road Church of Christ Racism Panel Discussion

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