About Me

I Can Do…So Can You! This has been my motto since 2010. It was during this time after being diagnosed with an enlarged heart (HCM) and being told I needed an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) that I Can Do was created. Suffering doesn’t make anyone unique. How one responds to it is what makes one unique.

I decided to walk by faith and not by sight. Growing up in a single parent home with an alcoholic father who was rarely around forced me to grow up fast and to view life with a spirit of optimism and faith, despite the challenges it brought. While my childhood situation wasn’t ideal, the reality is we all face challenges. I learned the value of hard work and grit. My mother cleaned houses (and me and my sister helped) and held multiple jobs. Through my mom, I saw what’s possible when one refuses to be defeated. Problems are meant to be solved. Having the right mindset is critical.

Throughout the years I have come to love God, Family, Fitness, Food, Books, Travel, and Marvel! I have been married for 18 years to the beautiful Nikki and have a 11-year old son named Joshua.

I’ve been blessed to embark on a variety of paths that by the grace of God opened doors I would have never imagined. Working with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for eight years gave me confidence to speak to anyone.

Preaching for the past twenty years has shown me how the power of God can change anyone.

Being able to work with preaching mentors like Max Dawson and David Banning, best-selling authors like Bill Phillips and Shannon Ethridge taught me the value of coaching and investing in myself.

Now I have become a preaching coach, Certified life coach, Certified Ultraspeaking coach, and public speaker.

Working out with Bill Phillips

I’ve learned along the way to keep growing. One can have a closed mindset or a growth mindset. Staying curious and going down new roads (like Podcasting, self-publishing, and coaching) have reminded me of what’s possible when we’re willing to grow and stretch ourselves.

It is only by the grace of God that I am what I am. I’m thankful I am a Christian.

I Can Do…So Can You!

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