I Can Do So Can You Journal

This has been my motto since 2010 after getting an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). Life is all about attitude. This journal is really simple! It’s designed to talk to yourself. It’s designed for you to write out your ideas, goals, or whatever may be in your head. There are no prompts in this journal. It’s just you and your thoughts. You have 59 pages of paper to motivate yourself, write down new ideas. Enjoy!

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Gospel Preachers: Listen and Learn

The Bible is the word of God. It is our final authority. I always want to make that clear. I decided to create this book to hopefully encourage other gospel preachers as they preach the word. I interviewed 19 preachers and asked them each 16 questions about their work, sermon preparation, best practices, family, etc. My prayer is that this book will become a resource for men who may be beginning the work of an evangelist or who is simply looking to continue to grow and learn.

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Live and Learn or Learn and Live: What to do when you go to college

Attending a university is a great blessing. Being able to navigate college is a must, especially as a Christian. Your faith will be challenged when you step on campus. Therefore, it’s essential that you lay down some guidelines and parameters from the word of God. In life you can Live and Learn or Learn and Live. Remember that Jesus loves you. Remember your faith is so important.

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Faith, Family, Fitness, Food Motivational Journal: A 31 Day Motivational Journal

Are you done with the EXCUSES? Are you ready for CHANGE? Then let’s go! This journal is designed to guide you through the first 31 days of your new journey. It also can be at any point in your journey of becoming stronger. Every day, you have space to write out your daily prayer to God, weneed time to pray, or write out five things you are grateful for each day. You will also be able to read a motivational thought from me to help you along the way.

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Faith, Family, Fitness, And Food: A Collection Of My Blogs

I cover a variety of topics dealing with Faith, Family, Fitness, and Food. I hope that these thoughts will provide a dose of motivation to you. Keep going. Enjoy life. Have an I CAN DO ATTITUDE.

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Cast Your Cares Upon Him Nighttime Journal

The apostle said in 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” This journal is designed to be used before you go to bed. It’s simple! You READ a Bible verse. You WRITE that verse down. Then, you WRITE your fears out, and finally you PRAY your fears to God! Cast your cares to the God who cares!

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Live and Learn or Learn and Live: A short book for young boys without fathers

I have his eyes, but rarely was able to look into his. I have his last name, but I did not really know the man behind the name. He was the man I knew and did not know. He was my father. I grew up without my father. The times that he was around, I saw my father make a lot of mistakes. I had to make a choice. Would I follow in his footsteps and make the same poor decisions? In this short book, I want to share with so many of the young boys who may not have a father figure, that they still need to and can make wise choices in their lives.

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Life Beyond The Scale

It has no emotions, but it can control yours. It has no voice, but it can control how you speak to yourself. It has no eyes but can make you feel like it’s looking inside your soul. It’s time to start living beyond the SCALE!

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I Can Do Journal: A Motivational Journal For People With Internal Cardioverter Defibrillators

I decided in 2018 to create this journal. Why? Because I didn’t have an outlet after getting my first or second ICD (Implantable CardioVerter Defibrillator). Welcome to the ICD club. The ICD club does not have to stand for “Internal Cardio-verter Defibrillator.” Instead, it stands for “I Can Do.” This journal is designed to give you motivation as you begin your new journey or continue your journey with having an ICD.

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It’s Not Rocket Science: Simple Ways to Reach the Lost

This workbook by Benjamin Lee is designed to help you with the “How” when it comes to evangelism. In this workbook, you will see:

  • Common excuses that get in the way of doing God’s great work and how to overcome them. 
  • How to talk to people, set up a Bible study, and follow up. 
  • Talking and studying with family.
  • Sharing the gospel at work. 
  • The power of asking questions.
  • An additional Bible study workbook is also included called, “Getting to know Jesus” to use with people you meet. 

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Getting to Know Jesus: A Study Through the Gospels

If you are looking to learn more about Jesus, this book is a great place to begin. 

Learn basic facts about Jesus, His life, His teaching, His miracles, and salvation through Him. Discover the facts about why we can trust what’s written about Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. 

You can go through this workbook at your own pace. You will be asked questions that will point you to the Bible for answers. 

This is also a great tool to use if you’re looking to start a study with someone. 

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