Are You In Need Of A Coach?

One of my friends on LinkedIn reached out to me a few weeks ago. She’s working on becoming a Life Coach. She’s offering complimentary sessions, as a result of the Coronavirus. This is one of her ways of helping others during this difficult time. I decided to sign up for a session! I’m so gladContinue reading “Are You In Need Of A Coach?”

Look For The Opportunities

Even in the midst of troubling times, there are opportunities. We just have to look for them. What opportunities have you had this past week? I’ve had a lot of opportunities with respect to “Coaching.” I’ve taken a few coaching sessions from a friend of mine. She has helped me tremendously with a few things.Continue reading “Look For The Opportunities”

10 Life Changing Things To Do While You’re In Isolation

In my blogs I like to provide motivation and encouragement to my readers. We are living through a major historical event with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Sadly, lives have been lost. I believe we should listen to the recommendations and take them very seriously. I also believe it’s a wonderful opportunity to evaluate a lot ofContinue reading “10 Life Changing Things To Do While You’re In Isolation”