I promise I can’t make this stuff up! 

I graduated from the University of Illinois and moved to Rockford IL in 2001. I had been dating a girl that I had met during college. 

I was sure I was in love. Nope! wrong! 

I was in lust. 

My mom told me to break the relationship off, but I said, “I’m in love.”

I was actually in LUST. 

I had done what so many others have done. I deceived myself thinking I could live in both worlds. 

I could be a Christian and still be a part of the world. Nope! That ain’t going to happen. 

As much as I had good intentions, good intentions are not enough. Good intentions are not enough. Action is necessary. Learning and Living from the scriptures is what we need to do. 

Being a Christian means we must make a choice. We must deny self. Period. There’s no in between. NONE! 

“Go find yourself a Christian girl.” 

That’s what my girlfriend told me over the phone one night. Wow! She was so right! Again, why was it that someone had to teach me what the Bible warns against? 

Wretched man that I am! 

What I was doing wasn’t lining up with my beliefs. It’s hard to convert someone to Jesus when you are doing everything that the world does. It’s hard to convert a person when you’re getting drunk with them. It’s hard to convert a  person to Christ after laying with them the night before and then taking them to worship services the next morning. 

But that would never happen to me,right? I’m stronger than everyone else. That’s what I thought. “Behold, I thought.” 

Yeah, sure, go ahead and believe that if you want. You will regret it. 

“Go and find yourself a Christian girl.” While those words hurt, it was great advice! I’m thankful that I did! 

What about you? Are you a Christian? Are your values lining up with your actions? Do you believe what Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 4:1-3 about abstaining from sexual immorality? 

Are you willing to give up all to follow Christ? Even that boyfriend or girlfriend? 

Do you need to find a Christian girl? Or boy? Find someone that will lead you closer to Jesus, not further away. 

You be the one who sets the standards!