I’ve been following Bill Phillips program for the past 7 months. It works! 

I knew that years ago, but would occasionally veer off and do something else. Not anymore. It works. 

I just recommended his books to a brother in Christ today. Buy them and follow them. 

Last year in one of Bills LIVE workout group he gave us an exercise. Write a letter to yourself. In the event that we start getting off track it would be sent to us. 

I’m an expert at losing weight and most who read this are probably too. The challenge is often not losing the weight, but keeping it off! Would you agree? 

How many times have you lost the same 20 pounds? Five or six times? That’s 100-120 pounds of the same weight. Grief! 

Back to the letter assignment I mentioned a moment ago. I sent mine to Bill and a great friend of mine in Alabama. I got my letter in the mail today! This is actually the second time my friend Jason has sent me one. The first one was in January. It came at the right time right after my surgery.  It’s pretty cool and weird all at the same time. It came at the right time this time around. 

I haven’t strayed from the path of fitness. I haven’t regained any of the weight I lost last year. I’m getting stronger and leaner. 

But it’s good to be reminded by YOURSELF! You have to protect yourself from YOURSELF. It doesn’t take much for a person to go back to default mode. 

So Benjamin Lee, thank you for the letter. I appreciate you very much. And to my friend Jason, thank you for sending it! 

Yeah, I’m talking to you…Get up! 

Take care of your body now!