Why Am I Still Alive? 


It’s so unpredictable! 

It comes and it goes. 

As James said, “It is like a vapor…”

One moment we’re here and the next we’re not! 

Why am I still alive? 

2011…Dad is in the hospital taking chemo for his cancer. I decide to go for a jog. About 10 minutes in I feel weird. I’m at a stop light. Things begin to go dark. 

“No, this can’t be happening. Am I dying?” I pass out. There’s no white light? There’s no ascending into the clouds. 

I wake up! Thank you God. Passed out at the stop light and no one helped me. I jog back to my car. 

Why am I still alive? 

2014…June…about 3:15pm. 

Again, I’m jogging this time on a treadmill.Suddenly, all my teeth are throbbing. I’m sweating like crazy. I’m exhausted. Heart attack? I’m too young (35) to have one. 

Turns out I had a blood clot in my right coronary artery. Are you serious? 

Why Am I Still Alive? The photo in this blog is a picture of my right coronary artery and blood clot. Why am I in the American Journal Of Cardiology? And why did I have to buy the journal that I’m in (I’m complaining)? 

Last part of the case study I’m in says, that people with my condition having a thrombus is a potentially devastating event. 

Why Am I Still Alive? 

Life is short! 

What I do know is that I’m alive! That’s a good thing. 

Make the most of everyday. One day you will die, Hebrews 9:27. That I can promise you. 

Being overweight is not living. That’s being trapped. Truly live! 

Being in Christ is truly living! I’m alive spiritually because of Him, Galatians 3:26-28. 

One day I will die, and so will you. But that’s merely hitting the pause button. 

Eternity is ahead! Where will you spend it? You get to decide and so do I. 


Life is all about attitude! Everyday we get to choose the mindset we will have. I CAN DO...SO CAN YOU. Let's go.
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