It’s so unpredictable! 

It comes and it goes. 

As James said, “It is like a vapor…”

One moment we’re here and the next we’re not! 

Why am I still alive? 

2011…Dad is in the hospital taking chemo for his cancer. I decide to go for a jog. About 10 minutes in I feel weird. I’m at a stop light. Things begin to go dark. 

“No, this can’t be happening. Am I dying?” I pass out. There’s no white light? There’s no ascending into the clouds. 

I wake up! Thank you God. Passed out at the stop light and no one helped me. I jog back to my car. 

Why am I still alive? 

2014…June…about 3:15pm. 

Again, I’m jogging this time on a treadmill.Suddenly, all my teeth are throbbing. I’m sweating like crazy. I’m exhausted. Heart attack? I’m too young (35) to have one. 

Turns out I had a blood clot in my right coronary artery. Are you serious? 

Why Am I Still Alive? The photo in this blog is a picture of my right coronary artery and blood clot. Why am I in the American Journal Of Cardiology? And why did I have to buy the journal that I’m in (I’m complaining)? 

Last part of the case study I’m in says, that people with my condition having a thrombus is a potentially devastating event. 

Why Am I Still Alive? 

Life is short! 

What I do know is that I’m alive! That’s a good thing. 

Make the most of everyday. One day you will die, Hebrews 9:27. That I can promise you. 

Being overweight is not living. That’s being trapped. Truly live! 

Being in Christ is truly living! I’m alive spiritually because of Him, Galatians 3:26-28. 

One day I will die, and so will you. But that’s merely hitting the pause button. 

Eternity is ahead! Where will you spend it? You get to decide and so do I.