Sunday I wrote a blog about my sister named Andrea. She lived for about 6 weeks. I spoke about dash on her tombstone. 

I spoke about how life can be short. For three days I was with family in Chicago mourning the loss of my uncle. 

My mind has been on life and what really matters. After my blog, a friend of mine and sister in Christ mentioned that I seemed melancholy. 

She posted something and I appreciated what she posted. She was thinking about me. That meant a lot.  

The next day another sister in Christ reached out to me because she was a little concerned about me. She is a therapist. She said that I could give her a call if I needed to talk. 

I thought to myself, “Maybe I should reach out to her. She’s volunteering help.” So I did. 

It was great! We spoke about 40 minutes as I drove from Urbana to Chicago. She brought up some things that I had not considered. She said she was there for help…I took her assistance. Thank you sister! 

Life will get challenging at times. There is often opportunities all around us to get help. Sometimes that help may just be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone’s hand to hold as they pray for you.

The question is…will we accept this help? 

The hardest person to help is often ourselves. We gotta get out of our own way. 

When a helping hand is being extended your way, take it! That shows real strength. 

To my sisters in Christ…Thank You. 

The God of all comfort will comfort His people through His people, 2 Corinthians 1:1-7. Don’t cry out to God for help, then ignore the opportunities to receive help, encouragement, or prayer from your spiritual family.