Have you ever felt like life has put you in a situation where there is nothing you can do? 

Maybe your marriage is on the verge of exploding. Nothing is working. You feel like there’s nothing you can do. 

Maybe it’s your health. Issues continue to arise one after the other. You feel like there’s nothing you can do. 

Maybe it’s your family. Maybe there was some tragedy that’s hit your house. You feel like there is nothing you can do. 

What do you do when there’s nothing you can do? If you’ve felt this way, you’re not alone. 

There’s a man in the Bible named Job. He was a good man. He followed God. He loved God. He was blessed with a great family. He was rich physically and spiritually. But one day trouble came. 

The devil knew him by name! The devil attacked! Job would lose it all. 

He lost his family. He would then lose his health. He then would lose respect from his wife. How could all of this happen to Job? Throughout the book Job is trying to figure all of this out too. 

What do you do when there’s nothing you can do? All of us will find ourselves in a situation like this. It is important that we know how to properly respond. 

Jobs wife told him to curse God and die (read Job 2). That’s not the proper way to respond. But you may feel like doing that at times. But you can’t! 

What do you do when there’s nothing you can do? Job provides us with a blueprint to survive the toughest of days. 

When there’s nothing we can do to change our situation, there’s still some things we can and must do. 

1. We must continue to worship God, Job 1:20-21. Despite losing his children, Job continued to worship God. When you feel like there’s nothing you can do, remember to worship God. You will never regret that. Remember His power and His presence. Focus on Him! 

2. We must wait on the Lord. When Job lost his health in chapter two, what could he do? Not much! But we see that Job waited on God, Job 2:7-10. Giving up on God was not an option. What about you? What about us? Life will hit us hard. So will the devil. But we must wait on the Lord. 

3. We must watch for the Lord and see how He will move on our behalf. Job had to wait for a while. We know his suffering was for more than a week. What if it was for a year, or ten? We don’t know the exact time Job suffered. But he kept waiting and watching for God. Sometimes his waiting was loud and filled with tears. Sometimes it was filled with anger. But Job never gave up. One day God would speak to Job (chapter 38). Job needed to be put in his place. 

God spoke and Job listened. Job would learn a lot about God and himself. 

Job watched as God restored his health. Job and His wife would have more children. Job would even get to enjoy his grandchuldren. He would die an old man full of days! He lived another 140 years. 

What to do when there’s nothing you can do…

1. Worship

2. Wait

3. Watch 

Your storm is coming. Maybe you’re in it. Remember God is bigger than your storm. He is with you! 

Worship Him.

Wait on Him.

Watch what He will do.