Don’t Buy Dad A Tie For Father’s Day

Anything except a tie! 

A tie? Really? 

Poor dads! So many dads this year will grimace as they open up another tie present. They will cringe and think to themselves “What did I do or not do to deserve this?” 

Don’t buy dad another tie! 

Anything else but a tie. So what should you get dad? 

Below are some ideas…

1. Maybe a grill…

2. Or a nice dinner…

3. A bowling ball…

4. Some fishing stuff (I don’t know what because I don’t fish).

5. A gift card from Best Buy or Amazon.

6. A new phone…

7. Something home made from the kids.

8. Some new shoes…

9. A watch with something special engraved in it. 

10. A new study Bible…

11. A pedicure (you know he needs one).

12. A two day trip for him and his wife. 

13. Maybe a nice coffee mug…

14. A new suit… 

15. Some new sun glasses…

I don’t know! But I do know don’t get him a tie! Blah! 


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