Too often we let life pass us by. We have an idea and we say, “Someone should do that.” Why don’t you do it? 

It could be a million dollar idea. Or you may not make any money from it. The money doesn’t matter.

What matters is you taking action. What matters is you creating what you see in your mind. 

Whatever it is take action. 

Last Friday I used Amazon to publish a small book. It’s a small book but a big deal for me. It’s a book about my father. It’s personal. It represents a stepping stone for me to begin creating other things. 

This small book is allowing me to help others. It’s already motivating people in my family to create! Sometimes people just need to see that something can be done. 

It’s like when the first man broke the 4 minute barrier in the mile run. After he broke it, a lot of other guys began to break it. People just needed to see that it could done. 

Be a creator. I’m going to go and work on my next idea. Let’s go!