My life was changed when my wife had to take chemotherapy. She didn’t have cancer, but had experienced a molar pregnancy. This resulted in her having to go to M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas to receive four weeks of treatment. 

I learned so much during that time. I saw how strong my wife really is. I realized that whoever walks into the doors of a cancer center to receive chemotherapy is stronger than anyone at the gym. 

I also came to understand just how long and draining the process is when receiving chemo. The patient has to drive to the center, park, sit in the waiting room, then actually receive treatment. Then the process starts over again the next day, week, and even months. 

This coloring book is designed to motivate those who are going through this difficult ordeal. I believe having a positive mindset is critical to health, recovery, and longevity. Even when receiving some kind of medical treatment, it’s good for patients to have a positive outlook. I continue to be amazed at the inner strength of people who have fought with all of their heart for LIFE! I hope that for those who are in the process of receiving chemotherapy, this book will give you even more MOTIVATION to keep FIGHTING. You are STRONG. You are ABLE.

This coloring book is really simple. You will go from A-Z in the alphabet. Everyday, you will color a positive phrase. This is designed to keep your thoughts positive throughout the process. You will color each phrase four times. Take your time and think about what you are coloring. Then believe it with all of your heart. 

Cmon with the cmon!!! You can do it!

Now available on Amazon. 

Maybe you know someone going through chemo. Will you encourage them with this book?