Yesterday, I had the day off from preaching. I heard two great sermons. 

I was able to think about a few things. I was reminded of a scripture that I’ve heard many times, but sometimes can forget or not put into action. 

It was described as a Bible verse for every season. It’s one to instantly pull up in your mind no matter what you face.

Are things going great for you in life? Great! Remember this passage.

Did you just buy a new house, car, or some other physical possession? Great! Be sure to remember this verse. 

Did you get laid off from your job? Are you looking for new work? Remember this passage. 

Are you single? Remember this verse! 

Are you married? Hold on to this passage. 

Are you expecting your first child, or maybe having your second or third child? Remember this passage! 

Have you experienced a miscarriage and are mourning the loss of your child? Remember this passage. 

Did you get a good report from your last doctors visit? Make sure you keep this passage hidden in your heart.

Did you get bad news from your doctor? Don’t forget this passage.

So what is the Bible verse I’m referring to? It is Proverbs 3:5. 

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” 

It’s so simple to understand, yet it can be hard to do. 

Where are you with your TRUST in the Lord? We all need HIM.

Whoever you may be, wherever this blog may be read, remember the words found in Proverbs 3:5! 

It’s a Bible verse for every season.