A few days ago I wrote about my well being dry! I was having a hard time getting my thoughts out. I had mentioned to my friend that I thought that my well had run dry. 

I got some great thoughts on Facebook from those who read it! Thanks everyone. 

Turns out that my well had not run dry. I think I had some low water pressure, lol. 

A funny thing happened. As I was writing this blog I got an idea for my sermon for this weekend. Do you know what I’m preaching this Sunday? “When the well runs dry.” Yes! You can listen to it at 


That sermon flowed. I’m not going to be talking about writing or blogging in it. But rather from a spiritual perspective. Sometimes in our spiritual walk we can hit some droughts. We will always need to make sure that we are connected to our source of living water. 

I got some great ideas from others about what to do when your well runs dry (specifically with  respect to writing sermons, etc). These are thoughts from some of those comments. They are great for preachers. I think they can help others also. 

1. Take a sabbatical from preaching and teaching (40 days)

2. Exercise

3. Use sketch books and sharpies to create new ideas. 

4. Mow the lawn

5. Listen to other sermons

6. Use writing prompts to get the juices flowing again

7. Don’t look for the super profound sermon. We may need to get out of our own way. 

8. Sunday is coming no matter how dry we may feel. It may require us asking God to forgive us for focusing too much on self. 

9. Recognize that we all have limitations 

10. The well may not be dry. Rather, the plumbing may be clogged. There could be something on your mind that hasn’t been addressed, that could be holding you back from generating new ideas.

Thanks everyone! All of this is great and made me think. 

I texted one of my friends and told him that the sermon was complete on Wednesday. He then said, “The well wasn’t dry…the water pressure was just low.”