Have you ever prayed that you would die? 

I have not. I’ve been through a lot as everyone has, but I have not prayed for death. 

I grew up in a single parent  family. 

My dad was an alcoholic. 

He was physically abusive to my mother. 

At times we were on food stamps.

We didn’t have much.

But I never prayed for death. 

I have a heart condition. 

But I have never prayed for death. 

What about you? Has life ever put you in a position that you have prayed for death? 

If it has you are not alone. I don’t look down on anyone who has prayed for death. We actually have examples of people in the Bible who prayed that they would die. Life can hard. 

A man named Elijah once prayed to God that he would die,  1 kings 19:1-5. 

Elijah had many mountain top experiences. He saw the power of God. He knew that God was with him. His prayers had been answered. Yet he prayed for death. 

What pushed him over the line? 

Jezebel told him via letter that he would soon be dead. His life was threatened. He was tired. He was on the run. He was alone. He was hungry. 

It was a perfect storm! Now his prayer was that he would die. 

Have you ever asked God to take your life? 

God did not say “YES” to this mans prayer. But he did give him what he needed. 

1. Elijah needed to rest. 

2. Elijah needed to eat. 

3. Elijah needed the right perspective. He was not alone. There were others who were still following the true and loving God.

4. Elijah needed to remember he still had purpose. God had big plans for him. 

What he thought he needed was in fact what he didn’t need at all!!! 

Have your prayers ever turned to the topic of death? 

God knows what is best for you! And for me! YES!!!!

Thank you Lord! You are God and we are not. So we will trust in you. Even when the darkest storms come. Even when our doubts seem greater than your promises. We will TRUST! We will OBEY! For there’s no other way. 

Don’t take matters into your own hands! Trust in the hands that made you. 

Pray for strength. He will give it to you! 

And remember that He loves you.