Yep…That’s right! 

Go ahead and do it! 

Football season is here! The debates have begun. Who will win the Super Bowl? 

Who is the best quarterback? 

Who is the best wide receiver? 

Best defense? 

Blah, blah, blah…

Why don’t we do something different for a change. It’s already happening. It may not be obvious but it’s happening. 

People are slowly but surely turning the television off! 

People are realizing how much time is actually devoted to sports! It’s a lot. 

I’m not against entertainment. Sports are a form of entertainment. But is it just me or has something changed? 

Sports are really no longer sports! There seems to be an agenda behind everything. I think about ESPN. I used to watch ESPN all the time. But I got tired of them. Why? 

Because they became like MTV! MTV used to be a music station to watch videos, but eventually turned into something completely different. They basically stopped showing videos!!!

The same happened to ESPN. It used to be about sports. Now it’s about politics!!! No!!! They are trying to become Fox News Or CNN. Grief! 

The same is true with sports. 

Maybe I have a greater awareness. But in years past, I’ve spent so much time watching sports, especially football. 

Now I feel somewhat guilty seeing the damage that is actually occurring with these players. Do you? I haven’t seen the movie concussion, but I do know what’s taking place. 

Now players are walking away from the game. There’s more of an awareness taking place. 

Then there’s all of the arrests, trials, etc. that so many of the players are involved in. That’s started to turn to me off. 

I’m pretty much done with college football, as I continue to see all of the horrific things taking place and being swept under the rug all in the name of football and making money $$$$$. 

Last night I got into a good conversation with some guys concerning players taking a knee during the anthem. In fact, I’ve had lots of conversations concerning this issue. It’s forced me to stop and think about some things more. I talked to a few veterans and they shared their feelings with me. You might be surprised with their answers. 

There’s a lot going on right now. I’m glad that we are having discussions about so many things. 

But as the NFL season begins my mindset has changed. I’m not interested in the preseason. Are you? None of the good players play. 

I’m not interested spending three of my nights each week (Sunday, Monday, Thursday) watching games. Are you? 

Let’s be honest…we know who the good teams are and who will be playing in the playoffs. I have so many personal goals that I want to accomplish. Do I want to sacrifice three of my nights? That’s time with my son. That’s Reading time. That’s Bible study time with others. That’s exercise time! That’s bed time!!! That’s time with my wife. 

So I will boycott the NFL. Boycott in the sense that I will keep the television off. No time to watch. Tired of so much that’s connected with the game. 

Tired of being frustrated when my team doesn’t win. Why do I allow a game to get me in a bad mood? Why am I not as frustrated or angry about other things that really matter (like why teachers get paid so little and why the VA system isso messed  up)? 

There’s more to life than sports. I wonder how many of our young people know that. I wonder how many young black boys knowntgat.  There are more ways to make money than just sports. I wonder how many of our young people know that. I wonder how many young black boys know that? 

So what about you? What will you do this football season? Are you ready to do something else? Are you ready to challenge yourself and prepare for your Super Bowl? 

Can you walk away from the game?