Child Love (collaboration)

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ilona at I appreciate the opportunity to work with her. She has a great spirit and is always seeking to assist others.  We put our two thoughts together.

Love can start at a very young age. It can make us laugh when a little boy or little girl tells us that they are in love but I believe kids can have deep and pure feelings.

They don’t have all those troubles than an adult has in life, all those worries financial or others so they devote their mind 100% of the time to their beloved, and this can result to deep extreme feelings.

They don’t their emotion and it can make them act strangely so need to always be here to listen to them, to try to understand and to take them seriously. Because a child who feels misunderstood can feel terribly lonely and its a dangerous feeling for them.

Seeing my son being born seven years ago changed everything for me with respect to love. Getting married 14 years ago changed the concept of love for me as well.  Having a child changed it even more.

I’ve learned how important it is for children to feel nurtured and cared for by their parents. They want that time to play, to listen, to cry, and to rejoice. Parents will have to sacrifice and give even more when it comes to children. It’s often the little things that will go a long way to show your children that you love them. A hug. A smile. Sitting and listening. Playing Avengers around the house (okay I like doing that as well).