Iron Man

I Am Iron Man

Cmon, you gotta have some fun in life, right?

I had this photo taken at the Marvel store in Disney Springs. It was an epic time going into that store. We loved it.

I’m a huge Iron Man fan.

I do have a piece of metal in my chest.

I try my best to adapt and improve after something goes wrong.

I am Iron Man.

Who is your favorite Marvel character?

Who is your alter ego?


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  1. Perhaps Superman. I would enjoy the personna of being Clark Kent, the mild-mannered news journalist, and then being able to reach tall buildings in a single bound. Basketball anyone?

  2. I used to play basketball many years ago, but now my 63-year old legs can’t manage it. So thinking of Superman would be a hoot!

  3. I Love Iron man. But as you asked my favourite character in Marvel Would be Spider Man. But my most favourite, I fell in Love with DC character “Flash” 🥰😍

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