April 24th is the day I decided to take back my power from social media.

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I hit the button. I hit the DELETE BUTTON on my Facebook account. I was FREE.

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Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com

But wait! It would take 30 days for my account to truly be DELETED. No!

They knew I was weak. They knew I was tempted to restore my ACCOUNT.

But I was determined not to. Those 30 days felt like forever. But I made it through it. Then I just happened to remember yesterday that I haven’t had a Facebook account for two months! Sweet!

I’ve gotten so much done. My mental health has really improved.

Someone this past weekend, someone asked me if I have missed Facebook and if I’ve been lonely. I did miss it and at times have felt lonely. Isn’t that strange? Those connections were superficial. They were draining. Sure, I had a lot of friends I wanted to follow and keep up with. But who says I can’t still do that?

Of course I can. I’m working on making more suggestions than demands. If you feel like you’ve become a slave to social media, take back your power. Take back your autonomy. Step away from it. Try one hour. Then two. Then one day. Keep distancing yourself.

See how you feel. I think you will feel powerful!