It was so real!

It was so clear.

It was absolute or at least felt that way.

As I went to check my report on Kindle Direct Publishing to see how many of my books have been sold. I saw that my “Color Your Way Through Chemo” Motivational coloring book had been bought. The number was huge. About 800 books had been purchased.

What an amazing dream!

Someone or a group of people have bought some recently. I’m always curious who these people might be. I’m happy I can play a small role bringing hope to someone.

I looked at my report this morning. The dream was just a dream. Or is it?

Was is it just a reminder of what is about to happen? We will see!

Do you know someone in need? Someone taking chemo? I’ve never taken it, but after seeing my wife having to take it, it is a beast. My heart goes to those who have to go through that.

They are so strong!

My coloring book is available on Amazon.

Always remember…

I Can Do…So Can You!