I had the opportunity this past weekend to stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Cooper Texas. It’s called the Emma Grace. It was fantastic! I had to think about whether I had stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in the past.

I forgot that when I was in Israel last year I stayed in one in Galilee. That was epic as well. I don’t know when I will be going back to Israel. But I do know I will be going back to the Emma Grace again. Here’s the description of the Emma Grace from their website.

“The Emma Grace is a new Delta County bed and breakfast located in the heart of Cooper, Texas. The vintage building has been thoughtfully renovated, with repurposed flooring, original brick and plaster, and antique finishes. The Emma Grace is a community gathering place, with space for family reunions, weddings, and special occasions. Combining the rich agricultural history of the local county with modern luxuries, The Emma Grace welcomes you for a comfortable and relaxing getaway.”

I stayed in the Hemingway room. The bed was fantastic and the room was extremely clean. Each morning Jennifer (the owner) cooked a fresh breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I could eat breakfast three times a day! Let me just say that those meals were FANTASTIC! Why haven’t I been enjoying bed and breakfast places more often?

The town of Cooper is not big at all. I was there to do some preaching this past weekend. The Emma Grace Bed and Breakfast has definitely added a new dimension to the town.

Next time my wife and I will go together. Check it out. Check out their website HERE.