I’m in the car with my son. I’m tired after working for the day. I decide to skip the consult my wife has with the physician regarding her second pregnancy. Everything has being going well so far (almost 12 weeks).

It was easier to hang out in the car with my son.

As I’m sitting in the front seat relaxing, I receive a text.

This text is different. It’s one that creates a hole in your stomach. It was a text that caused me to have that sinking feeling.

Wife: “You need to come into the office…there’s something going on.”

Me: I honestly can’t remember much after walking in there. What I do remember is vague. 

Doctor: “You have what’s called a Molar Pregnancy.”

Me: “What is a Molar Pregnancy?”

Doctor: “A procedure will have to be done tomorrow.”

Me and Wife: “Wait, what? Tears. Confusion. Aching. Numb. 


There would be no diaper changes.

There would be no late night feedings.

There would be hearing two kids laughing in the house.

There would be no second car seat.

There wouldn’t be multiple kids birthdays to celebrate.

The preacher was right in Ecclesiastes 9. Time and chance can happen to all.

Life is hard. Life is good, but it often gets hard.

It would get even more challenging.

As a result of the molar pregnancy my wife would eventually find herself on chemo.

WOW. I never would have imagined.

She didn’t have cancer. But as a result of certain things in her body not returning back to normal, it was necessary.

Four weeks of chemo. I will never forget. Neither will she.

Baldness. Check

Sores in the mouth. Check

Port Issues. Check

Dry Skin. Check

Tiredness. Check

Lord, when will this all stop? Please make it stop. How much longer God?

Medical bills grew. So did the mourning. So did the frustration.

Make it stop.

As I think about October being cancer awareness month, I’m reminded of what my wife endured. And she didn’t have CANCER. Everyone has their own grief.


I learned from this experience how strong my wife truly is. I learned how strong so many other people are. Going to M.D. Anderson opened my eyes to this reality.

In 2017, I found myself in a creative mood. I love to encourage others. I ended up creating two motivational coloring books for people going through chemotherapy.

They go from A-Z. There is a motivational phrase for each letter of the Alphabet.


If I can encourage just one person, then I’m happy. The last few years I’ve been able to get a good amount of these out.

  • I’ve sent a few to the American Cancer Society.
  • My wife has done drives for chemo clinics. Someone bought 100 of them to give to patients
  • Recently, I came across a website called breastcancerfreebies. Here’s the link HERE.. I was able to send a few books to some people going through chemo. I hope they are encouraged.

Maybe you know someone who needs to be encouraged? I have 9 books right now. If so, let me know and I will send them a book free of charge.

Just let me know.

You can also find these book on Amazon.com.

Whoever you are. Where ever you may be. STAY STRONG.