For the last number of months I’ve been on Instagram.

I just deleted my account. I did it for a couple of reasons.

First: I signed back on after getting some advice from someone. As you know, I’ve created a number of books that can be found on this page and on Amazon.

Here is the link For all of my books.

I wanted to see if I could promote them more via Instagram.

I’ve seen an increase in sales with books, but I don’t know from which avenue they have come from. What I haven’t seen from Instagram is an increase of followers. Part of that may be in the fact that I haven’t followed many people. I was trying to keep my Instagram follows and followers at a certain ratio. But even thinking about doing that got frustrating at times.

Second: Instagram blocks my blog. I don’t know why. The same thing has happened on Facebook as well. That is frustrating as well with the amount of material I have on here.

Therefore, after giving it shot (this hasn’t been the first time), I just decided to delete it.

The last time I did this I felt a lot of pain. This time I don’t. The FEAR of MISSING OUT is a real thing. But in the process of time one will get used to it.

I’ve read in numerous books the power of NO. I decided to say NO.

I still have a strong online presence and also on social media.

I’m still on Facebook (for now)!

I’m also on Twitter @icandowithbenjaminlee

I’m still producing Podcasts. My show is called “I Can Do with Benjamin Lee.” A new episode will be coming soon. You can find my podcast HERE.

I’m also really excited about my YouTube Channel. My channel is called “I Can Do with Benjamin Lee.” I’ve accumulated a number of videos that I think will be a benefit for a lot of people. There will be more to come.

Thank you all for your support with my blog and website. I really appreciate the kind comments, encouragement, and sharing. Thank you again!


And remember…