“Then I said to them, ‘You see the bad situation we are in, that Jerusalem is desolate and its gates burned by fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem so that we will no longer be a reproach.’” Nehemiah 2:17

I love the book of Nehemiah. If you’ve read my blogs or listened to any of my sermons, then you’ve heard me say that in the past. Nehemiah was a great man! He was a great leader. He was a man of prayer (see his prayer in Nehemiah 1).

He was a man of action (read Nehemiah 2). He went to Jerusalem to help his people who were in great need. He didn’t sugar coat the issue. He assessed the situation in Nehemiah 2:11-16. He was honest with the people about the situation in Nehemiah 2:17.

But, he was also confident. Consider the following statements from Nehemiah.

“And the king granted them to me because the good hand of my God was on me.” (Nehemiah 2:8)

“I told them how the hand of my God had been favorable to me and also about the king’s words which he had spoken to me. Then they said, ‘Let us arise and build.’ So they put their hands to the good work.” (Nehemiah 2:18).

“So I answered them and said to them, “The God of heaven will give us success; therefore we His servants will arise and build, but you have no portion, right or memorial in Jerusalem.” (Nehemiah 2:20).

Don’t you just love Nehemiah? Wouldn’t you be encouraged if you were there when he showed up to assist? I know I would.

As I think about the current situation in America and the world, a couple of thoughts come to mind.

  1. Everything is not okay. And that’s okay to say that. Or as Nehemiah would say, “You see the bad situation we are in…”
  2. While everything is not okay, we can still trust in God. The God of heaven still reigns. He is still with His people.
  3. It’s time to arise and build. But build what, some may ask? Everything is closing. People can’t build anything right now, RIGHT? WRONG!
    1. It’s time to arise and build our faith up even more.
    2. It’s time to arise and build even more when it comes to evangelism. Now is a great opportunity to talk to people about your faith in Jesus. When difficult times come, people tend to be more receptive.
    3. It’s time to arise and build even more in our love for the brethren and our neighbors. That may mean a simple phone call, text, going out or dropping off groceries, or even giving away some TOILET PAPER :).
    4. It’s time to arise and build when it comes to our prayers. Turn the television and social media off and go to God in prayer. He is where our strength comes from. He is our shield and protector. Turn to Him. Pray! Pray Big! Pray Often! Then pray some more.
    5. It’s time to arise and build when it comes to our family. Many complain about not having enough time with family. This current distress has allowed more people time with their family. Don’t waste it. Don’t be upset because your children are at home! Be thankful you have children. Be thankful your children are healthy. Be thankful you can give your children a hug. Plant seeds of faith in them. It’s okay if they know that everything is not okay. Then remind them about their great God. He always provides! He’s always trustworthy. ALWAYS.

No, everything is not okay. And that’s okay.

But during difficult times our faith must stand for something. So, stand firm. Stay focused on your Creator. Know He is with you. And because of that, everything will be okay!