I have a friend who is an investor. His life, no doubt, has been extremely busy and shaken with what has been taking place with the stock market. His wife posted on Facebook recently a conversation they had. She had mentioned to him one day how the stock market had gone up. She asked him if that made him happy. His response was, “I can’t put my happiness in the stock market.” I really loved his response. He’s right. We can’t put our happiness, peace, or confidence in the stock market. Rather, our source of confidence, peace, joy is to be found in our great God! During this time of uncertainty, our eyes need to be on our heavenly Father! That is to say, God is to be the source of our strength, protection, joy, and comfort.

I want to share an Old Testament story where God’s people said, “Our Eyes Are On You.” This story is found in 2 Chronicles 20. It’s a story I believe will help remind us of the great power of our God. It will remind us He is with His people. Therefore, we need to trust in Him. Too many times we allow our eyes (focus) to be on everyone and everything else but God! Let’s turn and remain with Him. What caused God’s people to say, “Our Eyes Are On You”?


Jehoshaphat was the son of King Asa, 2 Chronicles 16:13. He began to rule at the age of 35. He was king in the Southern Kingdom. He reigned for 25 years. The LORD was with him, 2 Chronicles 17:3-4. He sought after God and not the Baals. He took great pride in the ways of the LORD, 2 Chronicles 17:6.

In the third year of his reign, he sent men out to teach God’s people the law of the LORD, 2 Chronicles 17:7-9. None of the kingdoms made war with him because the dread of the LORD was on them, 2 Chronicles 17:10. Even the Philistines blessed Jehoshaphat, 2 Chronicles 17:11.

This didn’t mean he always made the right decisions. He went out to battle with Ahab, the king of Israel, 2 Chronicles 18. He shouldn’t have, 2 Chronicles 19:1-2. Thankfully, God rescued him from his poor choice, 2 Chronicles 18:27-32. There was good in him, 2 Chronicles 19:3. He would bring the people back to the LORD, 2 Chronicles 19:4. This background information takes us to 2 Chronicles 20.


Here we find the king and the people turning their eyes to God! But why? A great multitude of people were coming up against him, 2 Chronicles 20:3. So, what did the king do? He was fearful. But thankfully he turned his attention to God, verse 3. In fact, all of God’s people sought the LORD and fasted, verse 4. They prayed, verse 5-9. Notice what he said about God.

  1. You are the God of heavens, verse 6. No one else is like you.
  2. You have all power and might, verse 6.
  3. None can stand against you. God had done great things in times past, verse 7. The king knew how God had provided for His people in the past. There was confidence in the king’s words, verse 9.
  4. As a result, they cried out to Him for deliverance. The king told God what was happening, Verses 10-12. The king said he and the people were powerless. They could only rely upon God. They didn’t know what to do. But thankfully, they did the one thing they could do: they prayed to God. Their eyes were on Him!


God answered! They were not to be fearful, 2 Chronicles 20:14-15. The battle was His. They were to trust in Him. They would see His words come to pass, verse 17. As a result of these words, the king and the people worshipped God, verse 18-23. As they did, God delivered them. Their enemies were destroyed! They were blessed, verses 24-25.


They continued to bless God in the valley of Beracah (worship).


The eyes of the king and the people were upon God. They turned to Him in days of trouble. In the days we’re in, let us turn our eyes to the God of heaven. We’re living in fearful times. We’re experiencing new challenges. Job losses are at a record pace.  There’s great uncertainty. What’s happened with the Coronavirus feels like a great multitude has overtaken us! All measures are being used. Even a $2.2 Trillion dollar Coronavirus stimulus package! How will we respond during these days? Let us turn our eyes to the God of heaven! What Jehoshaphat said about God is still true today. He is the God of the heavens!

He is ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are still in His hands. What the people did is what we need to do! Petition God! Trust God! Put our eyes on Him. Even in the midst of great fear, the king and Judah worshiped God! Let us do the same. Worship is not confined to a building. Paul and Silas worshiped in times of distress, Acts 16:25. Let us do the same!  We will see God provide for us! Let us continue to bless Him!

As we travel this valley, let us remember to take the necessary action to ensure our eyes are on God. Let us remember what God has already done in times past. The king knew the history of God and how He provided for His people, 2 Chronicles 20:7. Let us remember what God has done in times past! Remembering what He’s already done for us will help us to know that He is able to provide now. Let us pray like the king and the people. They poured their hearts out to God. Are we? We’re at home and while work is taking place, we have more time! What are we doing with this time? Let’s take our eyes off our phones and more on God in prayer. Let’s take our eyes off of entertainment and more on God in prayer. Let’s take our eyes off of all of the numbers that scroll across the television screen and put them on God! Let us all be able to say that our eyes are on Him!

May God Bless You.

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