Words can’t express how excited I was about this podcast! I recently made a decision to begin interviewing people. I reached out to a fellow preacher and he agreed to be on the show. I first learned of Keith a few years ago. He’s been preaching the gospel since 2009. In 2019, I wrote a book for high school and college students called, “Live and learn or Learn and live: What to do when you go to college.” Keith was a contributor to the book. He shared his story about becoming a Christian! I was so impressed with how he was willing not to keep anything back. I appreciated that about him. My hope is that his story will be an influence to others who listen. In this interview, we learn how Keith who was once an atheist, and in a rock band, eventually began preaching the gospel full-time. Get a notebook, a pen, and some coffee as we dive into a variety of topics (Evangelism, Parenting, Children, Exercise, and more). Thank you Keith for being on the show! 
If you’re looking for a new book recommendation you’re in luck. Keith shared a new book that’s in his office (Trials: A Journey from Anxiety to Peace by Chase Turner).

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