A friend of mine recently sent me a new book! I love receiving books.

It’s called, ” A Father’s Legacy: Your Life Story In Your Own Words.”

Instead of me reading a book, it’s designed for dads to answer questions and basically write a book to their children.

In the introduction of the book, the author speaks about how often children ask questions. Children are curious. They want to know as much information as possible. The author goes on to say:

That is the purpose of this book, which is a book about you – your family history, your childhood memories, humorous incidents, and meaningful traditions from your life. It is a personal biography just waiting to be written. Yes there are planes to catch, meetings to attend, grass to mow, and the care to wash, but those are not a legacy you can pass on to your child. This book is.

I love these kinds of gifts! My goal is to have it completed so I can give it to my son as a Christmas gift. It may not be as exciting as getting a dinosaur, but I think as he gets older he will appreciate it more!

It may be a book worth buying for your children! Let me know if you buy it.