I recently did a podcast called, “What Makes A Meal?” You can find all of my Podcasts on my website, http://www.benjaminlee.blog. It’s on my Today and Tomorrow Podcast.

Below, you will find the written version of it. Enjoy! And remember Proverbs 15:17!

The couple arrives to a five-star restaurant. They booked this evening a month in advance. They pull up to use the valet service. The husband and wife look fantastic in their dress clothes. They are quickly seated and have two waiters to cater to their every need.

The ambiance is great. Over two hours they enjoy a wonderful meal.  She enjoyed the salmon, while he feasted on the steak.

For most of their family and friends, this restaurant is too expensive. But there’s something their friends and family don’t know. What’s not seen and known about this couple is the bitterness and contempt they both have for each another.   They argued on the way to the restaurant.  They both got out of the car upset and thought about how they wished they could be with anyone else.  It was a good thing the restaurant was dark. It hid the frustration on their faces and awkward conversation they tried to create. Between dishes, they both checked their phones to detach themselves from interacting with each other.

While many of their friends knew about the fancy restaurants they went to, they didn’t know how poor they were when it came to love. While many of their friends ate and laughed around their dinner table eating pizza or some homemade mac and cheese, this couple lived and ate in misery. Things were not what they seemed. While there was nothing wrong with the food they ate, there was something wrong with their hearts! Their meals were not better than their friends. It may have seemed that way to many. But the reality is, this couple envied their friends. Why? Because when their friends ate dinner with their families, there was love!

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened ox with hatred.

Proverbs 15:17

What makes the meal is not the food. A meal where only vegetables are served is better than a fattened ox, when there is love present. It can be easy to lose sight on what really matters. Let’s be sure we focus on what really does.

– Benjamin Lee