It’s that time again! High School Seniors are preparing to walk the stage and receive their diploma. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in High School. But I can remember how big of a day graduation was. I still have a lot of photos from that special moment.

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The world has changed quite a bit since I walked the stage. And yet there are a lot of things which remain the same. God is still on His throne in heaven! Jesus is still risen from the grave. Hard work still pays off.

For all of those graduating, I want to give you some ABC’s as you begin the next stage of your life.

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A: ATTITUDE is everything.

B. count your BLESSINGS and stay out of the BARS.

C: CONSISTENCY COUNTS and stay out of the CLUBS.

D: be DETERMINED in your DEVOTION to God.

E: EXCEL still more.

F: have FUN but know you will be judged by God.

G:remember GOD is GOOD!

H: be HOLY because God is HOLY. You don’t have to HIT a HOME RUN to be successful. Just keep showing up to your at bats.

I: remember you’re made in the IMAGE of God.

J: your JOY comes from God!

K: be KIND.

L: LOVE people.

M: be careful who you MARRY. It’s a commitment for life.

N: don’t NEGOTIATE with yourself. Do what’s right.

O: walk through the doors that will OPEN up for you?

P: PURSUE PEACE with everyone.

Q: don’t QUIT. Just keep going.

R: REJOICE in the Lord.

S: be SAVED from your SINS.

T:TREASURE the TIME you have. “It’s free but it’s also valuable.”

U: U be who Christ says to be.

V: be a VOICE for the weak. Be pure and remain a VIRGIN until you are married!

W: WAIT on the Lord.

X: eXamine your heart.

Y: say YES when opportunities arise.

Z: be ZEALOUS for God and His Kingdom.

Congrats on your big moment! Remember your success comes from God. Remember Him in the days of your youth, Ecclesiastes 12:1.

One last thing! I have a book especially for High School Graduates and College students. Be sure to check it out. It will make a great graduation gift. It’s called, “Life and Learn or Learn and Live: What to do when you go to college. A brutal analysis of my mistakes in college.