I keep my appointments and things I need to do in my head.

I’ve heard this statement a few times in the last few months in some of my coaching interactions. Have you ever said something like this?

One of the subjects I’ve worked with a lot of people on has been with Time Management. One simple thing that has helped me throughout the years is to have a daily planner. I had one when I worked with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for eight years.

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

I haven’t always been perfect using my daily planner EVERY DAY! There are days when I miss recording events I’ve done, or things I need to do. But the majority of the time, I use my planner. It’s really become my personal secretary.

  1. Having a Daily Planner will help you to become much more efficient with getting the necessary things done.
  2. It will help you to say “Yes” or “No” much easier. When you know what the next week, month, and quarter looks like, it will become easier to see what is actually doable.
  3. It will give you more structure.
  4. It will erase some anxiety of forgetting important deadlines, meetings, etc.
  5. It will make your life run easier.

It can be easy to say that you will just keep all of your appointments in your head. Maybe you can. A much easier system is to have a daily planner. Take all of those “To-Do’s” and meetings and put them in your Planner!

  1. You can download one for free by going to Google.
  2. You can use one for free in your Gmail account or most email accounts.
  3. I prefer the Full Focus Planner. www.fullfocusplanner.com

What about you? What kind of planner do you use? Would love to hear from you. Share your suggestions or thoughts in the comments section