I recently met Ultrarunner Carilyn Johnson on Twitter. When I learned more about her, I reached out to see if she would be interested being on the Podcast! I’m thankful she was willing to be on the show. Carilyn is a mother, lawyer, ultrarunner, 4 x Team USA 24 Hour team, Adventurer, Open water swimmer, and scuba diver. She is also a graduate of the New School of Cooking.  In this conversation we discuss the following: How exercise helped Carilyn during the grieving process. How Carilyn first got into running. The value of keeping a routine. How it’s never too late to get started when it comes to running. Knowing that we go further than we often think.  Understanding how emotions follow actions.  Why it’s important to do the mundane actions like making your bed everyday.  The value of having a coach.  The benefits of fasting. You can find Carilyn on Twitter @CarilynJohnson. https://anchor.fm/benjaminlee/episodes/E142-Emotions-follow-Actions-Ultrarunner-Carilyn-Johnson-on-running–habits–and-discipline-e1j836o