It is amazing how much can be done in a month. But the amount that can be done is often based upon one’s thinking.

Recently, I was reminded about the power of one more. I’ve started doing more pushups for exercise. In March, I began with one on Marcy first, and kept increasing the amount by one each day. By the end of the month I had completed 496 pushups!

In April, I doubled the amount per day.

April 1st I did 2 pushups.

April 2nd I did 4 pushups.

April 3rd I did 6 pushups.

April 4th I did 8 pushups.

April 5th I did 10 pushups.

By the end of the month I completed 930 pushups.

In May, I increased by 5 each day…

May 1st I did 5 pushups.

May 2nd I did 10 pushups.

May 3rd I did 15 pushups.

By the end of May I completed 2,480 pushups! WOW. I did an extra 20 to hit 2,500.

It’s mind boggling to see how just a little more each day will go a long way.

In what area of your life can you do just a little more? You will be surprised how far you will be able to go!

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I Can Do…So Can You!

Benjamin Lee