The fall season is here. The weather is beginning to change.

It’s beginning to get darker. The pumpkin latte’s are flowing.

Yes, even Candy Corn has made it’s dreaded return! Ha.

But something worse is brewing. Apathy. Laziness. Settling to be average. It happens every year around this time of year, at least to some. Let’s face it, there’s lots of fun activities to take part in.

But is that really an excuse for us to lose our gains, focus, and self-control?

You know the answer to that question?

It’s October 2nd. We’re on the clock. Think about this month as a jump start to 2024. These 31 days (now 30-days) could potentially set you up for great success or set you on a path of playing catching until the middle part of next year. Choose carefully.

A few tips to make this month count.

  1. Create a challenge for the month. That could look like a walking challenge, push-up challenge (start with one and increase it according to the date), saving money challenge (put aside one dollar each day or save the amount based on the date). Create a challenge that will help you in the area of your life that still has room to grow. You can even do this with your Bible reading. Proverbs has 31 chapters and there are 31 days in the month.
  2. Measure. What gets measured gets managed. It can be scary to keep track of your weight during this time of year or finances. You may not like what you see. But that’s exactly why we need to do this. Track eating, time, weight, exercise, for the entire month. It will help you to make the necessary adjustments.

Make the most of October! You got this. I Can Do and So Can You!

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