Begin And End With Questions

Life is filled with questions. Who will I marry? How did we get here? What happens when we die? What should I eat today? What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Why am I in a funk? Why did this work so well? You get the idea, right? There areContinue reading “Begin And End With Questions”

Read, Read, Read

I can’t remember when I first fell in love with reading. Maybe it was in grade school. I don’t know. I do remember going to the public library as a child, especially during the summer months. We didn’t have a lot of money, and it was a safe environment, where I could learn and stayContinue reading “Read, Read, Read”

Minutes Restriction Is Not Just For Sports

I like LeBron James. He’s one of the best. When he was with the Cavelier’s (twice) I was a Cav’s fan. When he moved to Miami, I suddenly became a Heat fan. Now I’m a Lakers fan. Kind of. I like him as a player and the impact he’s had in the community. He cameContinue reading “Minutes Restriction Is Not Just For Sports”


At the congregation where I preach, we are going through a daily Bible reading program. We are reading through the book of Luke and Acts. We are reading one chapter a day for 5 days. This allows us to really think about what’s being said. As I was reading today and making some videos forContinue reading “WORK THEN WITHDRAWAL”

You Have To At Least Try

I mentioned in an earlier blog how I began to blog in 2017. Many of my blogs are on this site, and some are on another. I will be sharing more of my blogs here in the near future. I not only began to blog, but I also began creating books. I never thought thatContinue reading “You Have To At Least Try”

I Probably Should

I’ve been playing a game to overcome procrastination. It’s called “I probably should.” I think I’ve also called it “I really should…” When I begin to feel paralyzed, fear, stuck, or lazy, I begin to speak out loud, “I probably should…” Go and workout: Sometimes it’s good to just move. When we get the bodyContinue reading “I Probably Should”

New 31 Day Motivational Journal

A few years a friend of mine got me started writing out my prayers. I continue to write out my prayers during my T.A.G… Time… Alone with  God… Last year a buddy of mine wanted to work out at 5a.m. I thought that was nuts. But then I started waking up at 4 a.m.  ThenContinue reading “New 31 Day Motivational Journal”